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“Many couples don't think they need a Wedding Planner/Day-of Coordinator but they really do.”
Jillian, Royal Oak, MI

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Many couples don't think they need a Wedding Planner/Day-of Coordinator but they really do. In reality you can't afford not to have someone like You're The Bride handling your wedding. It was a small investment to ensure everything I planned went according to plan. They handled any hiccups that came up so I didn't have to worry. You're The Bride saved me over $3,500 !!! and that is more than 5 times the fee I paid when hiring You're The Bride to assist with my wedding. They were able to save me BIG money on linens, invitations and flowers. Thank you!! 

Royal Oak, MI




First off, let me say I am so pleased and happy with the work that Tracie did as my wedding coordinator.
I am an out of town bride, living in New York City. I decided to get married in Michigan (where most of my family lived). I had no idea where to begin. I picked the venue (I booked on-line without even visiting in person). I decided planning a wedding would be too much for me to do from NYC and with a busy schedule. I did an online search for wedding planners in the area and I found Tracie. I interviewed three wedding planners and she was the best by far. Tracie is a godsend and best thing I could have done. I had almost nothing planned when I contacted her about 6 months prior to my wedding. She is professional and responsible. She help me pick through several vendors from Cake to DJ. She helped me with invitations, seating charts, and everything under the sun for the day of the wedding. Tracie, was always friendly and there when I needed her. She put up with my constant exchange of emails and was very prompt in answering my questions. I had a candy buffet at my wedding and Tracie coordinated the entire table including set up and break down. She was on top of everything. The day couldn't have been as special without her. I recommend her services to anyone who needs a little or a lot of help with their wedding.

Tiffany and Eugene
Brooklyn, NY

Hi, my name is Rita Posey. My husband Palemon and I got married on Saturday May 30, 2009 and Tracie from You're The Bride was a true life saver. Even though we had done a great deal of the work as far as scouting for locations, florals, etc, we didn't have the slightest clue how to proceed from that point. In comes our Angel, Tracie, with her immaculate planning skills, she was able to plan an event that was truly remarkable and beautiful. Without You're The Bride, we would have continued to be clueless. Our family and friends are still singing her praises. Thank you so much Tracie. We will always hold you and You're the Bride close to our hearts.

Mr. and Mrs. Palemon Posey Jr.




When I first began planning my wedding, I thought wedding coordinators were limited to celebrity nuptials and reality show participants. More than anything, I didn’t think I needed a planner. As the details and logistics of my wedding day multiplied, however, family and financial issues began to complicate the planning process. When I met Tracie during our initial consultation, I was immediately put at ease by her genuine, professional and warm demeanor. From budget management, to etiquette expertise, to design details and strong vendor relations, Tracie helped me envision and execute my special day. Tracie took a personal interest in my fiancé and me, and built a rapport with my family and bridal party. Tracie is a superb communicator, a well-respected member of the wedding industry, and an incredibly down-to-earth human being. Her talent and organizational skills allowed me to completely soak up every moment of my wedding day without stress or anxiety. Always on top of the details, Tracie even quickly fixed my broken bustle mere minutes before my first dance with my husband. Tracie was more than a wedding planner to me; Tracie became a trusted confidant and dear friend. From start to finish, Tracie handled the meticulous details with grace and helped me navigate through the often emotional, stressful, and tumultuous process of planning the biggest day of my life. Without a doubt, Tracie was the most valuable and beloved vendor in our “dream team” of professionals. I would recommend Tracie to any couple looking for a hard working, unpretentious and experienced planner to coordinate their day--it will be the best money you spend!

Andrea Delmotte
Dallas, TX

Elaine Yager
Sterling Heights, MI

We cannot thank Tracie enough for all that she has done for our wedding. We could not get enough of Tracie as we ordered our invitations, direction cards, and seating board from her. Everything was absolutely perfect and her services were prompt and professional. We had no idea how hectic the planning process would be, but the breadth of Tracie’s services enabled us to host our dream wedding! Thanks Tracie!!! 

Sincerely, Amy and Brad Brinkman
Bloomfield Hills, MI



Photo taken by: Jen MacPherson

Patrick and SarahLooking back on the entire event, including the rehearsal you were a part of, I couldn't be more grateful for what you did for us.  Your attention to detail was incredible and I truly was able to let go and let you handle the things you promised you would.  After the most amazing night, I woke up in the morning not knowing where a THING was... so many little details: the cards, the gifts, the flowers, all the decorations, my jewelry (the list could go on and on), and to my surprise, they were all in my hotel room and accounted for!  There was SO many things, imperative things to little details, that you came through on for us without hesitation.  The coordination of the ceremony, the double-checks with the vendors, keeping things running smooth and on schedule on our unique tri-level yacht reception venue, even quickly sewing my bustle together to get me back out on the dance floor!  Amazing.  You were simply amazing and I literally can't imagine how brides can do it without someone like you.  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to truly enjoy my day without any worries.

Patrick and Sarah, Plymouth, MI

Hi Tracie,
I wanted to send you this note to let you know that my wedding invitations just arrived and I am so happy with them!  They are gorgeous and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined! I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to work with me and for putting my mind at ease.  I know you knew that I was nervous and anxious from the beginning, but it means a lot that you took the time to walk me through everything and that you have guided me on what would be best to do.  Your reassurances set my mind at ease, and then finally, when everything came together, it truly showcased that you really do take care of your clients to ensure that all goes well.  In the end, you have gone above and beyond what anyone would normally do and I appreciate it more than you will know--ever!  If there ever comes a point where I can recommend you or your website, I definitely will, you can be sure of that!  Just to let you know, I came across you not only through a web search, but through the book entitled, "Bridal Bargains," written by that husband and wife team on finding great resources to help you save money on your wedding day.  They highly recommended your website for invitations and other services.  They were right on the money and I have been so lucky to have been able to come across you and ultimately work with you on a very important day for me and my fiancé. I cannot thank you enough, but I'm sure that we'll be in touch should I decide to go with the menu cards.  There is no else out there I'm sure I'll be able to trust as much! Have a terrific weekend and thank you so much for all your hard work!  I genuinely appreciate it!
Natali G.
Whitestone, NY


We give Tracie from You're The Bride an A++ for outstanding service and event planning.  She was a great partner for us in planning our special day. Tracie didn't miss a beat when organizing the details, and really took a lot of stress off of us in the process!  Tracie went above and beyond by following through in a timely manner on all commitments and arranging things we didn't even think of!  We had unique guest situations that she was able to effectively maneuver through and she was able to remain very friendly even when pressed for deadlines.  The day of the wedding went off perfectly with her assistance.  We didn't have to think about set-up, payment to vendors, and other details that could have made it very stressful.   Our friends and family gave us many compliments on Tracie's professionalism throughout the wedding day.  We highly recommend her services!

Jennifer and Ken, Livonia, MI

Hi Tracie! I have so much to thank you for . . . I don't even know where or how to begin. You were amazing the day of the wedding and my whole family just adores you for helping out so much. Thank you for keeping us all calm during the whole bus fiasco and thank you for setting up the flower preservation -I can't wait to see it when it's done. And of course you can put me as a reference . . . it would be such an honor! I'm sure we'll be talking again soon, but I just wanted you to know how I appreciated all of your time and just you being so wonderful!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Denise Smith
Chicago, IL

Tracie was absolutely wonderful!!! We would have never been able to get through the wedding without all of her help. She was very helpful in locating vendors, scheduling appointments and helping us remember everything that needed to be done to get ready for our big day. I loved the fact that I didn't have to depend on family or friends to make sure everything was handled the day of my wedding. Everyone could sit back and enjoy themselves and Tracie made sure that everything was PERFECT. There is no way I could have worked full-time and achieved the wedding of my dreams without Tracie's help.

Karla and David Brodoski
Belleville, MI


Tracie was the best thing I could have done other than saying yes!! My wedding planning was seamless and in order, even though I managed to forget everything. Tracie kept the wedding plans on track even when we couldn't make decisions. She made the wedding non stressful and a lot of fun. Everyone at the wedding was so impressed with Tracie and how professional and helpful she was. I never could have done this without you Tracie!! All of your hard work made our wedding day unforgettable.

Kristina and Paul Babinski
Ypsilanti, MI

I am the Mother of two daughters. They both decided to marry 2 weeks apart!
It was a very busy and joyful year. I know that if it weren't for all the attention and detailed work that Tracie did, for both weddings, it would have been very stressful. I realize that all the work she did was alleviated from me and my daughters. No one can realize what a good job that was done unless you have been through it. Thank you, Thank you Tracie, for a job well done!!

Karen Gerick
Ypsilanti, MI

Tracie was absolutely wonderful when we ordered our invitations from her, very knowledgeable with all the etiquette rules and she gives you such a great discount. As for her wedding day services, she handled everything for us. We cannot praise her enough she is very professional and courteous. It was the best thing we could have done for our wedding was to hire a professional, Tracie. She took care of anything that might have been a problem. We were able to enjoy our day without any hassles. She made sure that we were where we were suppose to be at the right times. She made sure everyone got our favor bags, even the older people that left early. She also dropped off our wedding flowers for preservation at the end of the night, which was a great help to us. We will now have our wedding flowers forever, we didn't have to throw them away. Tracie is absolutely fabulous to work with. She was a godsend and made our wedding day stress free.

Stephanie and Kevin Best
Redford, MI

We really wanted to be able to relax on our wedding day and to not have to worry about the little details. We also didn't want to assign these duties to our friends or family, so we decided to hire Tracie as our Day-Of Coordinator. We were so glad we did! She was unbelievably helpful with setting up and making sure everyone was on schedule. As a result we were able to enjoy our day, everything ran smoothly and it turned out perfect! We highly recommend her to anyone getting married. It was worth every penny.

Mindi Mull and Ian Harrington, Ann Arbor, MI

Your services for our daughter's wedding were wonderful. It took the worry off my husband and I to have to deal with the "behind the scenes", and left us free to enjoy our guests and the wedding. I feel we made a good decision using your services to make their day and ours run so smoothly.

Louise Hoskey
Eastpointe, MI



Tracie was amazing to work with when we ordered our invitations. She got us a great price - the best we found - and knew all the nuances and etiquette of wording and sending invitations, which was really helpful. And they arrived within the week! She made that part of our planning really easy. We also hired her for the Day Of Services. I was able to enjoy my day much more because she was taking care of all the little details. Tracie was so professional and helpful, and having her there made me a much less-stressed bride! Tracie, you are an angel! Thank you!!

Justine Galbraith
Roseville, MI

"Your service was such a fast and easy process! We were able to review the huge selection of birth announcements from the convenience of our home which is an important feature for a new mother. Our choice was important to us because of it being our first child. It was a difficult one because of all the different and beautiful announcements you had. We received our adorable announcements in a matter of days and were able to send them out right away to share our joyous parenthood with our family and friends. Thank you for making this such a smooth process. We definitely recommend you and will call you again in the future. Thanks again for everything!"

Heather and Brian White, Novi, MI

"We want to extend our deepest appreciation for your customer service and friendliness! Your website and products are exceptional. Thank you for promptly answering any questions I had concerning your products and my order. We are extremely happy with the invitations and stationery we ordered from your company. The invitations are beautiful! Not only was the quality of your products exceptional, the price was amazing. You're The Bride had the best prices compared to its competitors. We were also amazed at the timeliness of our order. I ordered them on Monday and had them by Friday. I've recommended your site to many of my friends and would recommend it to anyone needing wedding supplied. Thank you for putting my mind at ease and making this part of the planning go so smoothly."

Jamie & Eddie
Dallas, TX

"I knew I made the right choice with when we first spoke about the quantity of invitations I should order, and the wonderful service you have provided throughout has been above and beyond anything I would have ever imagined! Prior to placing my order, I heard a lot of negative commentary about ordering wedding invitations through the internet and I'm so excited your service has completely proved all the notions of impersonal/quack internet service wrong! Your personalized attention is the perfect antidote to my harebrained wedding planning! For someone so inept at paying attention to details as myself, your involvement has saved the day! I have already recommended your services to all of my single friends and will always (and loudly) praise how you saved me from a huge guffaw with your attention to my order!"

Kristi Barton
Wichita, KS

Becky & Darin Beauregard
Whitmore Lake, MI

Daniela & Cory Scholl
Rochester Hills, MI

"My daughters Bat Mitzvah invitations arrived today. They are beautiful! I want to express my thanks to you. I was unsure of ordering invitations on-line, figuring I would be on my own with no help. I could not have been more wrong! Your suggestion for a change was a great one. As I said, the invitations are wonderful and I will be telling my friends about you. Thank you again. "

Lisa C.
Hollis, NH