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Ask the expert wedding planner questions. For the couple, who  doesn’t know where to start or believes they have everything handled, but would like to ask the expert questions to go over everything because they worry they may forget something. Spend a little time with a Certified Wedding Planner and leave your consultation feeling much better about the direction of your wedding plans! If you are excited to get started click the link below to pre-pay and schedule our time together.


Ask the expert wedding planner questions and she will make suggestions on timelines, vendors, and etiquette. Perfect for the couple that wants the guidance of a wedding planner without purchasing a collection. We will meet once for two hours and discuss your questions. I’m excited to hear that you’re engaged (yay!) and ready to start planning your wedding! I’m sure your head is probably starting to swim with all the things you need to keep track of for your wedding…but don’t worry – that’s what I’m here for!

I’d love to connect with you and hear more about your dream wedding day, and where you could use some help making sure every detail is absolutely perfect (as it should be!); let’s schedule a Zoom meeting and talk! 

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