What To Ask When Viewing A Wedding Venue

When you go to view a wedding venue, you should ask the person who shows you around a lot of questions, so you can make the best choice. When you’re walking round, it can be hard to remember all the questions you need to ask, so it might be helpful to write them down before you go. You could email over all your questions before you go, so the venue rep can find out the answers to anything they’re not sure about before you arrive. 


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The Basics

Start with the basics to make sure the venue has everything you need, whether you’re viewing the local pub’s backroom or Laurel Ridge Country Club. Ask about the practicalities, like setting up for the ceremony, and how the reception will work. If you need something specific, like access for wheelchairs, a room for children, or unisex toilets, your viewing is the ideal time to ask. 

  • Is the venue available on the date that you need it? 
  • How many guests can the venue comfortably accommodate? 
  • Are there any wedding packages and what is included in those packages? 
  • Will there be other events on at the same time as your wedding? 
  • Is there somewhere that you can both get ready at the venue? 
  • Can you bring in your own food if you don’t want to use their catering?
  • How long can you have the venue for? Can you drop things off the day before, set up the night before, and leave things to collect the next day?
  • Who will decorate the venue? When will you be able to get in to decorate if the venue doesn’t decorate themselves?
  • Is there a smoking area?
  • Is the venue accessible to wheelchair users? 
  • Is there a cloakroom?
  • Is there a bar? 
  • Is there a secure place to store gifts?

The Food

Ask lots of questions about the menu, especially if you  or your guests have dietary requirements. 

  • What are the different ways that the venue can serve food, such as buffet, family, or silver service?
  • Do they have in-house catering or preferred caterers? 
  • Can you arrange a menu tasting? 
  • Are any drinks provided with the meal or for the toast? 
  • Can they accommodate dietary requirements or allergies? 
  • How many menu choices can you offer the guests?

The Practical Stuff

Don’t forget to ask about some of the more practical things that your guests will need to know and inevitably ask you about. 

  • Is there overnight accommodation for guests at the venue? Do they have deals with local hotels? Is there anywhere that they recommend nearby? 
  • What are the room rates for overnight stays for wedding guests? 
  • Is there a discount for a block of rooms or rooms for wedding guests? 
  • Is there parking at the venue? How many parking spaces are there? Where else can guests park if there aren’t enough for everyone? 
  • Is there anything else going on in the area on the same date that might make it hard for guests to find somewhere to park? 
  • Is there a local taxi firm that they partner with to offer discounted trips to guests staying offsite? 

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