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We absolutely love planning and coordinating weddings for our clients but we must be a good fit to partner on this journey. Planning your wedding alone can be stressful and we always have your best interest at heart, be honest even when you may not want to hear it and respect you and your families. However, we don’t work well with individuals that do not realize the value of our services.

We don’t work with couples wanting only free information as this is made available through our blog. We are quite selective in choosing who we work with because we want both of us to click. There needs to be trust and respect as we work together. If you are a couple who doesn’t want the best advice from a professional wedding planner, not considerate of others time, or don’t value what it takes to have a beautiful organized wedding day then we would not be a good fit.

Our most successful partnerships and results involve clients who want specific education, advice and guidance on planning their wedding without trying to find the best deal. Deals and coupons tend to backfire when it comes to wedding vendors so do yourself a favor and save the discounts for the grocery store not your wedding day. In conclusion, we are not the cheapest but our couples have told us that we are worth every penny and worth our weight in gold!

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