A Wedding Planner’s Guide To Finding A Wedding Venue Of Your Dreams

For a few couples-to-be, finding the perfect wedding venue is easy and stress-free because they narrowed their list of favourite
venues even before they got engaged. For others, settling on a good option can be overwhelming. From restaurants, hotels,
barn houses, and churches to castles, choosing the perfect wedding venue can be quite a task. 

Your wedding venue can make or break your wedding’s tone, and that’s why it is imperative to choose wisely. No pressure,
right? Well, according to top wedding planners, there doesn’t have to be, particularly if you are armed with a few useful tips. 

To help you navigate this integral decision, here is a list of the essential factors to consider when choosing your dream wedding venue. 

1. Location 

Whether you plan to get married in a hotel and transferring the guests to another reception venue or to hold the ceremony and the
evening party in the same place, it has to be in a suitable location. 

Most couples tend to pick places where they live or where either the groom or bride grew up. This is particularly true with church
weddings considering that you either need to be a member of the church or have a family connection to the church. 

Other factors to consider include:

• How long it takes to get to the venue as it might have an impact on your day.

• Whether or not there is sufficient accommodation nearby to book. 

• If choose separate reception and ceremony venues, consider the travel time between the two venues. 

2. The Capacity of the Venue 

Knowing the capacity limits of a venue is absolutely imperative—you can’t cram 400 guests into a space that’s designed to
accommodate 200. And the reverse is just as problematic as you will have to spend a fortune to make it feel intimate enough.
So, when booking a venue, ensure that it can fit your total guest count. 

3. Timeline

Since finding a venue is one of the first planning moves that you make, it is prudent to kick off your search early enough.
However, it boils down to your personal preferences. For people who are very particular with how their wedding venues should
look like, the earlier you find a venue the better. Remember that great venues get booked earlier—even 10-12 months in advance
—so the sooner you initiate your search, the higher the chances of snagging your first choice. 

4. Your Budget

Like any other stage of your wedding planning process, it is crucial to have a clear budget for your venue. The last thing you
want to happen to you is falling in love with a wedding venue that’s too expensive. You will end up disappointed, especially
when you begin comparing other venues to it. But the disappointments are unnecessary because some of the most memorable
weddings are those that are inspired by the personalities of the couples-to-be.  So, go for a venue that you can afford and the
remaining components of your wedding will make your big day feel magical and memorable. 

5. Your Style

Can you envisage your big day at the venue? Does it feel right for you? When you look and visit the venue, you should be able
to see yourself getting married there. This means that the architectural style, the surrounding, and the overall décor should flow
with your personality. From your wedding theme and your style to dresses and suits, it makes a lot of sense if your venue compliments
every aspect of your wedding day. 

The right wedding venue is waiting for you to find it. Keep the above tips in mind and keep searching. You’ll definitely find a venue that
warms your heart in an instant. 

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