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Tracie’s Wedding Planning Credentials

When you meet award-winning, Certified Wedding Planner, Tracie – you will see that she is passionate about helping couples have their perfect day. Weddings have been her jam since 1999 when she received her certification from Weddings Beautiful Worldwide.

Having helped hundreds of couples navigate the wedding planning process for over two decades she has enough stories to write a book. This is why she and and her team are in the process of developing a podcast coming in January 2023! Tracie has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and was formerly a Catering Sales Manager. She knows what it takes to orchestrate a wonderful guest experience.

She understands the logistics of an on-premise and off-premise wedding. She loves the challenge of planning, designing, and transforming an empty, raw space into a celebration!

She is the go to wedding planner referred by top wedding venues such as The Inn at St. John’s and Fox Hills Golf Club. Vetted by hundreds of satisfied couples and industry partners you will want to book You’re The Bride while dates are available. 

Tracie’s work has been featured in magazines and blogs both locally and nationally. You can trust her with the details of designing your dream wedding. Schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking here.

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you're the bride detroit wedding planner
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The Proof Is in the Pudding

The YTB Team discovers and fixes issues each week while confirming vendors and  wedding details. In addition, mishaps and errors are handled on the day of so that our couples can just relax and enjoy their day instead of being on the phone with vendors to sort things out.

  1. Prevented linens from going to wrong venue
  2. Arranged replacement limo with working air conditioning
  3. Saved a falling wedding cake from hitting the grass
  4. Made groomsman boutonniere when Florist shorted order
  5. Fixed bride’s bustle multiple times
  6. Fixed hotel transportation issues 
  7. Gave a guest batteries for their camera from emergency kit
  8. Sewed flower applique onto dress minutes before ceremony
  9. Made a toss bouquet when florist forgot to deliver it
  10. Returned groomsmen’s ties when they had to get to airport
  11. Prevented cake from being delivered with wrong colors
  12. Fixed up-lighting issues when technician was not available
  13. Bought candles 45 minutes before guest arrival that hall failed to provide
  14. Set-up tables/chairs from  floor plan but venue never set-up
  15. Found replacement photographer within an hour of start time who quit
  16. Cleaned dress after attendant got sick so she could participate in ceremony
  17. Crafted a bridesmaid bouquet when florist shorted order
  18. Came up with solution for linens that were wrong size and wrong color
  19. Stepped in as a coat check attendant when they were sick AND MORE!!!

Obsessed with Your Wedding

Tracie and her team love working with couples to provide detailed planning for their flawlessly elegant wedding experience. When you’re busy working, or going to school, you don’t have much time to figure out the world of wedding planning. Leave the vendor contracts, meetings, floor plans, wedding etiquette, and more to your certified wedding planner.

Breathe a Sigh Of Relief

Partnering with Tracie as your wedding planner guarantees that you’re not taking a solo journey of uncertainty! All the decisions, information, and tasks could make your head spin.  Instead, breathe a sigh of relief when you join forces. You will wish you would have contacted her company sooner.

Get to Know Her

It’s only fair to share Tracie’s loves because you are going to be BFFs! 

  • Trivia, Scrabble, Movies (romantic, comedy, thrillers)
  • Cruises (Bahamas, Grand Cayman and Mexico)
  • Greek Salads + Chicken Shawarma
  • Ice Cream (Moose Tracks + Mint Chocolate Chip)
  • Pink Peonies -ask to see her ankle:)
  • Everything Weddings!! 

 Her favorite shows are:

Say Yes to The Dress, Four Weddings, My Fair Wedding, Shark Tank, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory and Days of Our Lives

She stays on top of trends by attending educational wedding conferences, checking out these magazines and sometimes even contributing to them!

 These are some of her favorite venues in Metro Detroit:

Her favorite color is burgundy, the inspiration for her brand. Growing up Tracie loved attending weddings and paid attention to every detail from the dress to the cake. In high school, she loved being on the prom committee and planning all the details of the event. It was no surprise when she was voted “Most Organized” by her Senior classmates. 

She decided to start her own company one day doing something she loved, so she took classes to become a Certified Wedding Planner. You’re The Bride became official in 1999. 

Reflecting on her own wedding, she remembers how excited she was to arrive at her reception to see everything she had chosen! Unfortunately, she was disappointed that her cake was not exactly as she envisioned. 

She had paid extra to have tulle and lights under the cake to make it appear it was floating on a cloud but that did not happen. There were a few other issues that could have been fixed before the reception started… IF she had hired a wedding coordinator. Don’t have the same regret. This is why she started the company to help couples ensure everything is perfect! 

 Mentoring College Students

Tracie partners with colleges and universities to mentor their students to prepare them for future employment in the hospitality, business and fashion industries.  If you would like to be considered for an internship and can obtain college credit please send cover letter and resume to tracie@yourethebride.com

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