Great tip for your RSVP’s

We recently sent out wedding invitations for one of our clients, and decided to number the RSVPs. The way we did this was make a numbered list of every person/couple receiving an invitation. We then wrote their number on the back of the RSVP we sent them. It saved us so much time and hassle by doing this, because there were several RSVPs we got back that were illegible or left blank. All we had to do was check the number on the back of their card, match it with the list, and voila! we had our guest!

I highly recommend this trick to any bride. If you’re afraid it will look tacky, you can use an invisible pen. It takes a little more time in the beginning, but trust us, it will save you so much time in the end!

If you’re looking for an invisible pen, this one costs only $1.30:

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