Make your own wedding wine?

Check out this place in Belle River, Ontario which is about 15 miles outside of Windsor. The name of the shop is Shoreline Wines; the present owner is Mark Mulawka; his phone number is (519) 728-9673. It’s best to make appointments; initially you’ll stop by and select the type of wine you’d like for the wedding, then it takes between 4 – 6 weeks for the fermentation to occur. On the 2nd visit, you actually clean the bottles, fill them with wine, insert the corks, heat on the necks and if you like, either put on the labels then, or when you get home. Your overall cost for the wine/bottle/labels will come to between $4 – $5 a bottle. 

His website isn’t the best but the wine sure is. One of my brides did this for her guests and it was a huge it at her wedding! This beautiful wedding took place at The Inn at St. John’s and You’re The Bride placed the wine on the tables for the guests to take home.