Tips For Saving Money On Your Wedding

It’s definitely not a cheap affair, and even if you don’t want anything too outrageous, weddings can still be costly for a number of reasons. We all like saving money where we can, but with a wedding, the possibility of saving money seems near to impossible. But it is doable, so here are a few tips for saving money on your wedding.

Have A Long Engagement
When you first get engaged, you’ll have plenty of people querying the date of the wedding. Don’t give in to the pressure of having to book a venue quickly, especially if you haven’t got the money to do so. Enjoy your engagement and wait for a while before booking your venue. This will give you plenty of time to save, do your research and cut costs where possible in your budget. By booking a wedding 2-3 years down the line, it might also save you a small fortune with the venue too.
Don’t Tell The Suppliers That It’s A Wedding
When it comes to weddings, if you tell the suppliers the W word then they’ll end up adding an extra zero on the price. With some suppliers, it’s not advised to say it’s anything but a wedding, the caterers or flowers for example. But for the invitations and other elements to the wedding that doesn’t require someone to be there, you can just say it’s for a big party.
Use Your Credit Card Instead Of A Loan
With a credit card, you are better off owing money to them than a loan company. With plenty of interest that’s added onto loans, it can make the repayments much more difficult and then you can land yourself in hot water if it’s not paid on time. So if you have a loan already, transfer it onto the credit card instead because it’s good to know more about what you have left to pay off, if it’s all in one place. Don’t get too many credit cards though as that can potentially affect your credit score which could make it more difficult to apply for a loan in the future.
Avoid Booking On Peak Times
Most people want a wedding where it doesn’t rain so they’ll opt for times of the year where it’s less likely to, and that can be different depending on where you live. You can save a lot of money from going off peak, and we’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars, so for the sake of a bit of rain, it’s certainly worth it. Most venues will likely have an outdoor and indoor option so on the morning of your wedding, if it does look a little dismal, then you can discuss with the venue, what your best options are.
Set A Budget And Stick To It
With a wedding, it’s very easy to start overspending if you haven’t set a budget. Therefore, you need to set one from the very beginning and stick to it. Be reasonable with the budget too. As much as it is a special day, you don’t want to be spending beyond your means and making the whole process more stressful when it comes to money. Sit down with your partner before you start looking at venues and have an idea in your mind on how you want your wedding to look and what you want to be included. Always set a figure that’s at the top end of your estimate, that way you’ll have a nice surprise when things end up costing a lot less.
Do Your Research And Compare
Like many businesses, they want to outdo their competition. So make sure you research each venue, florist and makeup artist and compare them to others that you’re interested in. You can then play them off one another to try and get the cheapest deal for you. When it comes to weddings, if you’re not aware of how much something usually costs, you may assume that you’re getting a good deal, but that’s not always the case.
Make The Most Of Friends And Families
When it comes to your family and friends, you may find that they hold secret talents such as flower arranging and design skills for example. So before you start shopping around for services, check that no family or friends can do it for you on the cheap. They may know others that can pay in a favor and end up saving you a lot of money.

Try and use your own skills, as well as your partner’s. It’s always much more personal if you’re able to provide elements of your wedding which you’ve made yourself.

Be Ruthless With Your Guest List
The wedding guest list can be a nightmare if you have a lot of friends and family. When it comes to both the ceremony list and evening guest list, you want to take time with this and discuss with your partner, who you want there. With the ceremony and reception list, these are the people that are watching you get married so be sure in your mind that you want them there and that you’d miss them if they weren’t. You are also going to be paying for their drinks and food during the wedding reception, so they better be worth it.

The same goes for the evening list. Keep it short if possible and ask yourself the same questions as you do with the ceremony guests. Any guests that come to your wedding should in your mind be friends for life and play an active part in your own life going forward. If you can’t see that already, then you might want to re-think them attending.

A wedding is one of the best days of your life, so you want to make sure that it’s perfect for you. However, with that, it can be very easy to spend too much money. So use these tips to save you some much-needed cash for your honeymoon and for settling down in the future.

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