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For the discerning couple who wants the Michigan Ultimate Wedding Planning experience and unique extras! You are busy with full-time jobs and worrying how you’re going to get it all done so you don’t come untied before tying the knot! For instance, let us do the research, planning, follow-up and phone calls so that you don’t have to wait for vendor responses and coordinate details. Therefore, you as the couple of honor will enjoy all the fun parties during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Includes Everything in the Queen Collection, Plus These Extra Benefits:

*Supplies and expenses for each event paid by client

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  • Proposal planning and coordination (if needed) because you don’t know how to pull it off 
  • Engagement party planning and coordination because you need help with all the details to make it spectacular
  • Shower planning and coordination because you don’t want to worry about details and just enjoy this special time in your life
  • Rehearsal dinner planning and coordination because you want to relax the night before and enjoy a delicious meal
  • Wedding planning and coordination because you don’t want to get lost in the details
  • Day-after brunch planning and coordination because you want to spend one more day with friends and family before they depart 
  • Assist with gown, tuxedos, bridal party shopping, and complete look from head to toe because you want a cohesive look
  • Decorate your hotel including champagne, chocolate, and rose petals because it will feel so romantic when you finally are alone with your new partner
  • Shopping, assembling and delivery of hotel welcome bags because you don’t have time due to work schedules and commitments 
  • Personal Assistant delivering breakfast and coordinating wedding party because you want to start the day out right and ensure nobody passes out
  • Custom budget preparation because you want to know how much to allocate to each category
  • Vendor payment schedule because you want everything in one place
  • Assistance with menu and bar selections because you want your selections to please everyone
  • Guidance with thank you note writing because you need advice on how to express your heartfelt gratitude 
  • Complimentary Gown Cleaning and Preservation ($225 value) because you want to protect your investment and showcase it as a reminder of your amazing day. This is a added bonus when you book the Michigan Ultimate Wedding Planning Collection.

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