2021 Couples Are Doing This Compared to 2020


The way this year has changed things is not a subject up for debate. In fact, life as we know it might have been changed forever! The wedding industry has not been left out of this either. At one point, weddings were flat out banned, and it looked very bleak.

Thankfully, we are past that stage now, and we can have weddings again (in certain areas). 2020 is over, and we’re going into 2021 with lots of hope in our hearts. As usual, there have been lots of speculations on how weddings will look like in the months to come.

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Couples planning for their wedding in 2021 are certainly going about it a different way than those who had theirs in 2020. So, we decided to ask some of the experts that we know to share their thoughts with us. Here are some of the things 2021 couples are doing in comparison to 2020 couples.

Weekday Weddings

One thing that couples planning a wedding for 2021 know, is that places are filled up. All those couples that postponed their weddings in 2020, guess which year they chose? Yeah, you’re right, 2021! That means all the weekends in 2021 are filled up for most great wedding venues and vendors.

This is where weekday weddings are coming to the rescue. You can easily schedule your wedding on a lovely weekday to prevent further delay. This could also mean you’ll get to have both your venue and favorite vendors available. Just remember to take special care, so people aren’t showing up to work hungover the next day!

Weddings with Social Distancing

Outdoor weddings will surge in popularity in 2021 because the risk of infections reduces in open spaces. Couples planning their wedding in the coming year will be aiming to keep their loved ones safe, so social distancing will be a priority.

We’ll be seeing the use of social circles in seating charts. That is where you seat all the people from the same house on one table to social distance them from others. Where indoor weddings are unavoidable, extra precautions will be taken to ensure adequate ventilation and self-sanitizing stations. The use of masks will also be very important.

Micro Weddings

2021 couples will be having many micro weddings compared to couples in 2020. In fact, most couples planning their wedding for the coming year have already cut down on their guest list. The move is towards smaller and more intimate events which will be easier to manage. They’ll also be more personalized and more fun.

This change could also feature live streaming options. The online world has been a part of our daily lives since this pandemic started and we are already seeing it at weddings too. Guests who cannot make it to the physical wedding can join the live stream and still celebrate with the couple. This is also altering the way couples do business with vendors.

Creative and Exciting Ceremonies

After the long months of no partying in 2020, you can be sure that 2021 couples will be getting creative. This means they’ll be aiming for fun and exciting celebrations to commemorate their love. However, due to the economy, couples will also be using lots of DIY to achieve the fun parties they are planning.

They’ll also be aiming to save costs where necessary while still ensuring that everyone has a good time. For example, they can have a DIY company ship them rentals as opposed to hiring a more expensive local vendor. That way, they’ll still have the special items that they need to have a fun party. Online companies like Ship Our Wedding provide this service. This helps reduce the cost from vendors by doing it yourself with easy to setup lighting, draping, & more.

Multi-Day Weddings

Lots of couples eloped in 2020, but for 2021 we’ll be seeing an abridged version of that. It’ll most likely be couples having a simple civil ceremony one day, and then a small get together the next. Like a civil ceremony on Friday, and a reception on Saturday. Your reception can feature your loved ones, and you can be as creative with it as you want.

These multi-day weddings will give couples in 2021 flexibility, and they will be able to enforce social distancing as much as possible. You can even invite a different set of guests to both events. Besides, who wouldn’t love an opportunity to celebrate their wedding more than once!


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Robert R. is the founder of Ship Our Wedding. Their online DIY event rental company helps couples stop overpaying for their wedding vendors by shipping them easy to setup rentals. When you do it yourself you save on beautiful uplighting dramatic drapery, and fun photo booths. Visit their website today and plan your wedding under budget.

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