Aisle Runners: Pro’s and Con’s

An aisle runner is something many brides use. However, before you make your
decision, there are a few things you may want to consider. Here are some pros
and cons:
-They dress up your ceremony site
-They can incorporate colors into your ceremony site
-They can make you feel extra special
-They cover ugly floors
-If you have a very long veil, it ensures that your it won’t get caught on
the ground
-Especially if your wedding is outdoors, It helps keep your dress
-They can help give your guests the message that they should stay off the
-They are an extra cost
-They will move and fold. Even if it is taped down it doesn’t guarantee
they wont move and some ceremony sites will not allow tape.
-They can blow in the wind
-You and your guests will have to be careful not to trip or fall
-You may be able to see footprints
-It can get caught on your wedding dress. If you have a train, you will
need someone to lift it onto the aisle runner to ensure a smooth
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