August Couple of the Month ~ Stephanie + Nick, Arnaldo’s Banquet Center

My name is Stephanie Hindman and I can’t wait to marry my
best friend Nicholas. Nick works for a crane company in Toledo, OH as a Crane
technician and I am a full time Nanny in Northville, MI. Nick and I kind
of met through my younger brother Kris (Nick is 2.5 years younger than I am). What
had happened was I was living with my parents at the time with my three
brothers and my youngest brother Kris was having a get together of friends in
the basement with music. I had gone down stairs to tell my brother to turn down
the music, as I was making my way back to the stairs, some “kid”
jumped in front of me and says “Hi!!” (Nick) and I was irritated at
the time because of my brother so I just gave him a disgusted look and walked
around him and continued my way upstairs. Well thanks to social media and Facebook
Nick was able to connect with me and introduce himself a little better than a
quick unconventional “Hi!!” in my parents basement. 3 months later we
went on our 1st date and have been inseparable since, almost 3 years later and
going strong. 

After a year of dating Nick and
I took a trip to Playa Del Carman Mexico where he proposed to me in front of
our resort in the middle of these glowing fountains, it was pretty awesome and
saying “Yes!” has been the best decision of my life. Planning our wedding
has been somewhat a good mixture of stressful, fun, and overwhelming all rolled
into one but we decided on a Rustic wedding theme with manzanita branches, mason
jars, and wood slab centerpieces. We’ll be having our Ceremony at the Taylor
Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Taylor, MI and our wedding Reception will
be held at Arnalado’s Banquet Center in Riverview, MI. Our wedding colors are
brown, orange and green and we’ll each be having 10 members of the bridal party
(5 Bridesmaids and 5 Groomsman). It’s hard to believe our big day is coming up
so fast on September 21 but it’s something I’ll waited my whole life for, I can’t wait to marry
the person I want to spend my whole life with.