Shopping Tips for the Groom Ahead of Your Big Day

The moment she said yes, you knew you had a huge financial toll on you. However, once the cash is out,
most wedding planning is done by the bride meaning, you normally won’t have to get your hands murky.
But that doesn’t mean you still linger at the sidelines.
There are important groom responsibilities that you need to take care of. And some of them require a bit
of shopping.
We know every man will say, “That’s a ladies’ forte” and “Shopping is worse than watching paint dry.”
But not if you read this piece.
Here, we’ll show you how to shop for your wedding and make sure the bride doesn’t feel that you’re not
committed to the day – to the point where she gets overwhelmed.
So dive in.

Have a budget before you start

This is where you’ll start understanding why your folks used to account for every $50 they used to give you.
According to this survey, 45% of couples exceed their wedding budget by an average of $7,319.
That’s a few extra nights on honeymoon or less mortgage ten years down the line.
Most times, this happens when no one takes responsibility for the budget. This opens the window for
impulsive buying and unnecessary bills. (Yes, you don’t need that extra bouquet package if it wasn’t in the plans).
The best way to build your budget is by your fiancé on your side. Lay down your needs, dreams, and wishes
on the table, and prioritize them based on what financial muscle you can pull.
That way, you won’t be battling credit scores right off the reception.

Start with the wedding suits early enough

There’s no way your fiancé will know the kind of Tux you and your groomsmen will like. That means,
shopping for groomsmen’s and your wedding suits is your responsibility and should start early enough.
How early?
Experts show that inquiries can run from September to January, for a busy ordering period between January and May.
That gives an ideal period of 3 months to the D-day, at which you should start thinking about the suits.
But let’s be more specific.
What should you be doing between these three months?

Research about men’s weddings suits, the brands, and the significance of seasons

Men prefer one-day shopping. If possible, they’d do weddings like Amazon Prime.
Don’t be that guy.
Within the ideal three-month period, take the time to research about men’s wedding suits. Why should I choose this fabric
over the other? What’s the significance of my color choice? And how does it blend with the wedding theme and season?
Equally, you should be looking at the brands too – unless you have a personal tailor. These brands are differentiated
mostly by style, quality, and price.
A pro tip is to do a simple online search, which will provide you with a list of the best wedding suit brands in the market.
But if you prefer something more local – the travel and delivery logistics can be daunting if the brand is stationed out
of town, then you can narrow down the search to your area.
The only problem is that you’ll be starved from the variety.

Order the gifts as early as possible

There’s no proper wedding without gifts. Of course not just gifts for you, but from you to the wedding party.
Top on this list is the bride. What have you thought of getting her as a gift during gift exchange? That should be on
your shopping list.
Let’s switch over to the groomsmen. What do you have for them? Accessories? Alcohol-themed gifts? Or something
for their dapper looks like a toiletry and shaving kit?
Your gifts list should be formed as early as possible.
You can make use of online vendors in sites such as Etsy, Amazon, or to see what’s available
and what will work best for the groomsmen and your bride.
Just make sure you have enough time for delivery, lest the wedding ends with the wedding party empty-handed.

Have the best man help you with the ring shopping

This is among the responsibilities of the best man. Even before you get to shopping for the wedding ring, the best man should
be your source of moral support when selecting the engagement ring.
His role is to provide an honest opinion about the ring, regardless of whether you are a rock expert or the manufacturer himself.

Having a third voice during this process is key in ensuring you make a sound decision. Remember, this ring is something you and
your bride will wear for a very long time.

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