Name Card holder ideas for your event

Name card holders, the little table accessory that hold guests’ name cards in front of their seat, are often a hidden cost couples forget about when planning their reception. Fortunately there are many simple alternatives:

Cork Holders

Many wine aficionados collect corks from bottles of wine they have tasted. A simple and chic idea is to flatten a side so the cork can rest flat and slice a thin hole lengthwise to set the card.


A really simple way is to have a small hole or a cord in the name card so it can be hung around the fruit (this works well with pears for example). For more rounded or small fruit a small cut in the top should be sufficient for a card to be placed inside it.


Shells, of course, work wonderfully with beach themes and while a little more difficult to work with than the other options, they are very unique and fun to collect. As many shells have a side they easily rest on, all that is necessary is a thin cut on the top for the name cards.


Perhaps the simplest and most chic, one just needs to slip the name card between the tines of a fork in the table place setting. There are also ways of bending old forks into more interesting shapes for sole use as a card holder.


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