A look into a Bosnian wedding

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Weddings are different in every part of the world. Each and every family, culture, and religion have different views and traditions on how a wedding should go. Bosnia is a country located in Europe just East of Italy. They have all different religions there which make each wedding a little different. However they have very interesting cultural traditions that makes their Bosnian weddings unique. 

A Bosnian wedding doesn’t last just one day, it is a two day long event! The first day usually consists of the actual ceremony part where they get married. This is the day where their religion comes in and they do their ceremonial traditions. If they are not religious they will do a one day wedding. After this they all do pictures with their whole family and wedding party. Everyone is invited to both the ceremony and reception; which is held the next day. During the ceremony the bride’s father gives her away. They don’t do any sort of unity candle or sand. They say vows, exchange rings, and of course kiss to make it official. 

The next day would be the reception day. Usually this day the groom and all the men in his family spend the morning at his house. They get ready and at around noon they all get in a limo and go to the brides family’s house to get the bride. The bride is up stairs getting ready and the rest of the men and the bride’s family sit down the eat. The bride’s mother makes them all lunch and serves the groom first welcoming him to the family. Once they are done eating everyone but the bride and her closest male family member (usually a brother of very close cousin) will stand outside and wait for the closest male relative to bring her out. The best man will then pay the male relative to take her with them so the groom can have her. The best man will spin her three time under his arm, then the best man and usually an uncle with then escort the bride to the grooms house. The brides parents are left behind because at this point they have sent her away. 
Once they get to his house they are welcomed by his mom. She will then give her candy or honey symbolizing a sweet marriage. After this they will sit down they will put a child on her lap. It has to be a boy, this is because they want them to have a male child in hopes their name continues. Then the mom or his sister (closest female to him) will start to shower the bride with gifts, usually gold. They give her those things for her security. It is tradition to do this for in case something happens between the couple, she could sell her jewelry and be okay without him. After they give her the jewelry they all dance around the house. 

After the dancing at the grooms house they go to the ceremony/reception. Traditionally the bride’s parents don’t go. They keep her parents away because they don’t want them to cry. They want to keep everyone’s spirits high and happy. At the reception people will try to steal the bride’s shoes. Once they steal their shoes the best man has to try to buy them back because the bride has to have her shoes to dance. This is a fun thing some of the kids do to get money. 

All these things make up a Bosnian wedding. Each and everyone of these traditions are very special to the Bosnian people and wedding would not be complete if these weren’t done. 

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