Bridal Gown Terminology: Necklines,Bodices, Sleeves, Straps

Thanks for coming back for round two of Bridal Gown Terminology. Last time we covered hemlines and shapes. This time we tackle the topics of necklines & bodices and sleeves & straps.

Necklines & Bodices

1. Blouson neckline: This is a loose bodice that blouses out instead of laying flat against the torso due to a cinched waist. This style is often accompanied by a belt or sash. 
2. Boat neck: This is a high neckline that cuts straight OR with a small scoop across the collarbone.

3. Cowl neck: This is a rounded neckline created from folds of draped fabric. 

4. Halter: This neckline has straps that cut straight OR with a small scoop across the collarbone.

5. Jewel: This is a high, slightly rounded neckline.

6. Portrait Collar: This has a wide neckline that ends with straps or sleeves which starts at the top outer edge of the shoulder.

7. Sabrina: This is a high neckline that starts at the inside edge of the neckline and has a slightly rounded scoop in the front and in the back.

8. Scoop: This is a low, wide, rounded neckline.

9. Square neck: This neckline is created by straps that extend straight down from the shoulders meeting a bust line.

10. Sweetheart: This is a scalloped neckline with its lowest point in the center of the bust, creating a heart shape.

11. V-neck: This is a neckline that comes to a point in the center front, creating a V shape.

Sleeves & Straps

1. Bell: This type of sleeve can be long or short, but either flares out toward the bottom.

2. Cap: These small sleeves just cover the shoulders, which offers extra support.

3. Drop Shoulder: This is a dress style featuring straps or lace sleeves worn off the shoulders and across the upper arm.

4. Dolman: This is a sleeve cut wide at the arm hole and tapering to the wrist.

5. Puff: This is a sleeve that is fitted at the top and bottom and widens OR “puffs” in the middle.

6. Spaghetti Straps: These are the thin straps that extend straight over the shoulder. Often this is able to be added to strapless dresses for additional support.

7. Strapless: This is a dress with no sleeves, straps, or other material connecting the front and back over the shoulders.

8. Three-Quarter Length: This is a sleeve that begins at the shoulder and ends below the elbow but above the wrist.

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