Gift Ideas For Your Loyal Groomsmen

When you’re getting married, there are all kinds of things
to consider. You have to plan the wedding, send invites to family and friends,
think about a honeymoon, choose your outfit, and talk about it pretty much
every minute of every day leading up to the wedding. And that’s not even
getting into the details! But one of the trickiest decisions a lot of grooms
wind up dealing with actually has little to do with the bride or the wedding
itself. Every groom wants to get gifts for the best friends and family members
serving as groomsmen, and it can be tough to land on the right idea.
Make no mistake, this is a personal decision, and should
reflect your relationships with your own groomsmen. But if you imagine getting
stumped when looking for these small but meaningful gifts one day, here are
some ideas to get you thinking.
Drinking Accessories
We may as well get these out of the way because they’re
among the most common groomsmen gifts anyway. But don’t go the route of the
engraved flask; it’s been done so often it feels like a cliché nowadays.
Instead, think of something a little classier or more useful. For class, think
of upgrading to an engraved decanter or sets of whiskey glasses instead; for
something useful, consider personalized mounted bottle openers or other
accessories that could be used in the home.
This can cost you a little bit more than some alternative
ideas, and beyond that it’s difficult to pinpoint what style of watch all your
groomsmen might enjoy. But there are certain options that are more universal.
Every guy can appreciate tactical watches for outdoor activity or
sports performance, for instance, and cheaper (but cool looking) wooden watches
have also gotten very trendy. These don’t even have to be personalized to make
great gifts for your best mates.
High-End Shaving Kits
If you want to keep it manly but avoid the classic gifts
like alcohol containers and accessories, consider opting for some specialty shaving kits. These are available
from a few boutique stores that have gone mainstream, and they’re actually
getting pretty trendy. Most guys are fine with the average razors and shaving
cream they can pick up at the drug or grocery store, but some of the products
you’ll find at specialty shops really are gift-worthy. Plus, this is something
you can be fairly certain your friends or family members will actually get some
use out of.
A One-Time Experience
This is a less specific gift idea, but it’s one that your
groomsmen probably won’t expect, and it can be a nice change of pace during
wedding season. The experience will depend on your area and interest, but think
of options like sports outings, concerts, and things of that nature. Treating
everyone to a night out at an arena or concert venue can be every bit as good a
gift as any of the actual items listed here. Plus, your groomsmen probably
aren’t letting you pay for your own beer once you’re out!
Personalized Art
The idea of framing photos for groomsmen might seem a little
bit off, but these days there are some edgier, more creative options that might
feel more special (or even manlier). One example is that photos and paintings
can now easily be turned into large acrylic and metal prints for one’s wall.
You can get an idea at
of how all this works, but it’s certainly one way to go about personalizing art
for a gift. If you like, you can even tell your groomsmen their gifts will be
in the mail, and use a photo from the wedding weekend to make the art. 

This ought to at least get you thinking of some creative
ways to go with your gifts. Of course, you may end up with something more
personal or more related to your specific relationships – and that’s great! But
if you’re stumped, some of these options can be terrific selections. 

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