What To Keep, What To Cut

           The ‘must haves’ of your wedding are the elements that you simply cannot live without having. Once you have decided on those must haves,
you’ll then be faced with the struggles of choosing between ‘this, or that’. Making
those small, yet tough decisions can be challenging when everything feels
necessary in making the day perfect. Although even the tiniest of details are
noticeable in the brides’ eyes, most of them go unnoticed by the guests. So,
choosing the most memorable elements can save a lot of worry, stress, and
            If planning
an outdoor wedding (as many brides do), decorations aren’t as necessary as you
might think, so don’t go overboard. The most valuable decoration is nature itself, so opting
for an outdoor ceremony can save a lot of planning. During the
ceremony, your guests will be paying attention to you and your groom, not any extra ribbon on the trees. Another aspect that often times goes unnoticed
during ceremonies are extravagant flowers. While some nice floral arrangements
are beautiful by the alter, placing arrangements all over the venue isn’t
always necessary.
            When it
comes to planning your reception, the ‘to do’ list will seem endless,
especially when everything seems so important! Features such as a bar, DJ (and/or
band), food, and some type of dessert, are all pretty much necessities.
However, elements such as a candy bar, fog machine, photo booth, and party
favors are not as vital as they seem in making your night special. Pleasing
your guests is a top priority, but cutting out these small details would never
go noticed by them. If you have extra money in the end, adding some sort of
favor (such as a card and cookie) is a nice gesture to thank your guests.
Although it would be appreciated if it were there, most people wouldn’t realize
if it wasn’t.

            All in all,
there’s no way to avoid the stress of planning a wedding. That being said,
there are many elements that can be easily eliminated without being detrimental
to your day. Cutting back on small, yet costly components is a great way to
save money, time, and energy.
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