Wedding Cake History

The wedding cake has a long history and tradition of how it all started. Wedding cakes date all the way back to the medieval times. Back then the wedding cake flavor was wheat bread and they would crack it over the brides head to encourage a fertile marriage. In England guests of the wedding would bring many small cakes and after they were all collected the bride and groom would stack them up and stand on top and kiss. In the 17th century a new dish called the bride’s pie was introduced. It was said that the main ingredient was a “glass ring” and the girl to find it would be next to be married. By the late 19th century wedding cakes became very popular. These early cakes were simple one-tiered plum cakes. The cake cutting ceremony at a wedding is supposed to symbolize the first task a bride and groom perform together as husband and wife. The once simple wedding cake has now evolved into a multi-tiered extravaganza, which was originally reserved for English royalty only.  Nowadays most bride and grooms save the top layer of their cake and freeze it to share and enjoy on their first wedding anniversary.