Hustle and Bustle

Bustling is a very old and popular way of gathering the train. It was created to help the bride walk easier and get around at the reception without ruining her train. Created in the 1870’s, the original bustle was created to make the waist look smaller by creating fullness at the hips and down the back of the dress. Then catching on quickly, bustling was altered to fit different types of dresses and trains. There are two different types of bustle to choose from and each is unique in its own way.
The first is underbustling. Usually harder to do and more costly. However it creates a stunning look. The dress is fastened underneath the dress so that you cannot see the lines. Creates a cleaner and more overall look.
The second is overbustling. Much easier to do and can be as simple as fastening a button or tying a ribbon. Each type of bustling can be attached at the hip, knee, wrist, or even shoulder.
Every type of gown can be bustled, but not every gown looks good in a bustle. However the longer the train the more space it will require to bustle so just be sure to try the bustle before you purchase the dress in case you don’t like the look of it.
In the end a bustle can create a gorgeous look and creates elegance in the gown.
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