Amazing Brides- Stoires that Inspire

There are those of us who take for granted all of those small things in life, like running, walking, singing, or even seeing a sunset. But there are people out there who are not able to enjoy these simple things. We call them disabled but they call themselves survivors, visionaries, optimists, and fighters. We at You’re The Bride would like to shine a little light on those beautiful brides who have had difficulties in their lives. Yet despite hardships they have found love and marriage. We are inspired by these women and are reminded of all kinds of beautiful brides. They may not look like the ones in magazines, but are just as or even more so amazing and stunning on their big day.
These women have all endured different obstacles, and yet somehow have overcome them smiling all the way.
·         Emma and Tony Burton:
This couple has one of the most moving stories I have ever read. Both are deaf and were planning to get married in Northern Ireland. In this culture most of the communication is done over the phone. This of course posed a large problem for the couple. They had to have relatives do all of the talking and interpreting for them. However on their big day everyone was moved to see how the couple communicated to one another. They used British Sign Language to communicate their vows to one another and an interpreter relayed them to the guests. Everyone was amazed at how much the couple had to go through just to speak to one another and the entire hall was in tears. To experience a day in the life of a deaf person was not one to forget.
·         Andy and Jeff:
Andy is a unique young woman who became limited by her mobility in her youth. Needless to say she did not let that stop her! Though she must travel in her wheelchair, she rocked out her wedding day none the less! She embraced her offbeat self and wore a tea-length skirt in her chair with a gorgeous apple green bouquet! She and her new husband are both graphic designers and made all of the stationary for their wedding, and as they walked down the aisle a “Just Married” sign was placed on the back of her chair, embracing and showing off the fact that she is proud of who she is! She also sends the message to all of us to never let anything get you down and anything is possible! (offbeat bride)
·         Elona:
Another moving story is that of a bride named Elona. She came over to America with her parents from Ukraine, and she has Cerebral Palsy. Doctors told her that she had no chance to function in society due to her condition, but somehow when they moved Elona changed. She met a magnificent man at an online dating site and became engaged. Elona had a difficult time finding the right dress (don’t we all!), and after all she had accomplished she wasn’t going to settle for anything less than perfect. And she did find the perfect one at Klienfelds of New York. A gorgeous soft fit and flare gown that had a beautiful shimmer about it and a sexy feminine neckline . She is a very inspiring woman and shows us that no matter what statistics say anyone can be the exception.


·         Bethan Collins and Michael:
Bethan is blind and requires a guide dog to help her along in everyday life. She felt that her dog Nicky was too important in her life to exclude from the ceremony. As she walked down the aisle in her cute tea length dress Nicky followed behind, with her new “blinged out” collar for the occasion. Bethan also enjoys cycling, but understand she can’t ride a bike, alone. In spite of her disability she and her new husband Michael ride a tandem bike together. Since he can see he rides in front steering the bicycle while Bethan sits in the back. This was a great way for them to leave the reception and make those few moments alone extra special.

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