Intern Exit Interview Summary – Katie


This honestly makes me so sad to complete because it is making me realize this internship is coming to an end soon!

My internship with You’re The Bride was a wonderful experience. I learned many new things, used many of the skills I have learned through my education, and found something I am passionate about. I have learned many life and career skills. From little things like phrasing on wedding invitations to bigger things like learning the operation of new software.

You’re The Bride recently launched a new client portal, in which I helped set up some of the information on the back end of the portal. I really enjoyed working with data in this way and manipulating different files to be compatible with the new portal. I loved getting to work on Canva and express my creativity in a meaningful way. Most of what I used Canva for was creating flyers, social media posts, and editing existing documents. I had prior experience with Canva but had focused most of my prior work on personal tasks so being able to use this software for business purposes was a different experience for me.

I felt very happy every time I worked on my assignments. This sounds like such a simple phrase, but not too many people can say that their work brings them joy. Scrolling through Pinterest boards, looking at final photographs from weddings, and watching bride’s interactions with Tracie were some the things that I found to be joyful experiences.

The list of things that I enjoyed about the internship could be a very long list, so I am going to pick the two things that I enjoyed most. First, is most definitely my communications with you [Tracie] through Voxer, I loved getting to know you and seeing how you think and work through your recorded Zoom meetings. Second, anything data-related, from entering vendor information to working on budgets, I definitely felt in my element! 

This experience has been valuable beyond words. I learned so many new things and feel as though I found something that I love and am passionate about.

Again, the things I have learned about wedding/event planning could be a very long list. I learned that to work in this industry you have to be creative, energetic, kind, open-minded, and passionate. I also learned that wedding planning is very difficult, but at the same time, extremely rewarding.

My favorite part of the experience while interning at You’re The Bride was definitely helping with Aisle Planner and setting things up on the backend. I loved seeing everything come together after all of the work we put into it!

The only thing that I disliked was the Google Doc for my assignments. I like checklists and marking things off as I complete them, but as I typed done next to tasks, the task list just grew and made me feel like I was taking one step forward and two steps back. (Edited to add: We have since redesigned the assignment tracker to be more user-friendly and feature checkboxes that can be checked off as assignments are completed.)

Honestly, I cannot think of any things I would change to improve the internship experience. You [Tracie] have offered me amazing feedback, maintained clear communication, and kept the workload suitable for me!

I do not currently have plans to become a wedding or event planner while working for someone else nor starting my own wedding business. It is something that I am considering, though I have not made any specific plans for it. (Edited to add: I have since accepted a position at You’re The Bride.)

Yes, I am interested in working weddings with You’re The Bride as an Event Assistant in the future to gain more experience. I am very excited about being able to assist with a wedding next month!

I am absolutely interested in completing assignments as needed for You’re The Bride at an hourly pay rate once my internship is completed! I have said it so many times, but I really enjoyed all of the assignments!

A comment I would like to note, is that I would really like to see what forums brides have gone to for asking questions or looking for advice—I think seeing The Knot forum being abandoned is very odd and I have spent quite a bit of my free time trying to find wedding forums ever since I discovered that. I would also like to not that you [Tracie] are such an amazing person, mentor, and of course, wedding planner! I am so grateful to you for giving me this opportunity!

Thank you, for everything!!!
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