Cheers to the Bride & Groom

Public speaking is a thing feared by many people. So when a bride or groom asks you to make a toast at their wedding it is not uncommon to feel very nervous about it. Preparing for a speech will make you much more relaxed and you will find it will be a lot easier when the moment comes. You should start by making a list of everything you want people to know about the couple. It is extremely important to make sure you talk about both the bride and groom. You can include memories, best qualities, or the first time they met. Lastly jot down ideas about what you wish for them in their future. Now that you have some ideas written down you can start to piece together what you want to say. Although you might think drunken stories or past relationships may be funny make sure you keep those for the bachelor(ette) parties. If you have trouble remembering you can write down the key points and use a note card when giving the actual speech. A toast should last no longer then three minutes, so you may want to rehearse in front of friends or family to see where you stand. Just remember the best toast is sincere and from the heart!


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