How To Plan Your Perfect Christmas Wedding

Christmas is one of the most magical times
of the year, which is why many happy couples choose to host their big day
during the festive period. What’s more, it leaves you with a great theme to
start preparing your wedding around.

From kitsch Christmas weddings with
multi-coloured bauble lights, to minimalist all-white affairs, no two Christmas
themed weddings need to be alike. That’s also thanks to the diverse range of
décor and venue options available nowadays.

However, planning a Christmas themed wedding does mean that
there’s specific details to take into consideration. Don’t worry though, as
we’ve got you covered! Below we’ve listed 5 must-see tips which will ensure your
nuptials are the toast of the festive season.


Work with Your Venue’s Décor

One of the best things about planning a
Christmas themed wedding is that a lot of the decorating will have already been
taken care of by the venue.

However, if you’re planning on adding
additional decorative features, it’s best to contact the venue and work with
their decorating plans. Once you know the venue’s colour scheme and exactly
where their Christmas tree
will be placed, you can start making the room your own, safe in the knowledge
their won’t be a clash of ideas!


Send Invitations Early

The festive period is hectic for everyone
and this is one of the most important things to bear in mind if you’re going to
plan a successful Christmas wedding. Getting your save-the-date cards and
invitations out early is of the utmost importance.

A tongue-in-cheek approach to early invites is to send your
guests Christmas greetings cards – even if they’ll arrive in the post in July.
This keeps it light-hearted and shows that you understand how busy schedules
can become in December.


Entertain the Kids

Christmas is the most exciting time of the
year for most children, which means that you need to pay them special attention
if you’re going to invite to your Christmas wedding.
What’s more, keeping them entertained will
mean that the adults will be able to enjoy the big day to the fullest too.

If you’re planning a Christmas wedding
before the 25th, one great idea is to hire a Santa Claus
impersonator. The kids are sure to love this, and a North Pole backdrop can
even give your wedding photos a more unique touch.

Alternatively, you could set up a tablet or video console
station, where the children can play mobile games during
the reception – but don’t be surprised if you have to pull your groom away from
this area too!


Keep Warm

Another thing that you need to consider
when planning a Christmas wedding is how you’re going to keep everyone warm.
You don’t want your wedding photos to be spoilt by bulky winter coats nor do
you want your guests to feel the chill!

In spacious venues this may mean renting a
few extra heaters, or offering everyone a stylish blanket later on in the
evening. Hot beverages such as mulled wine will also go down a treat, as will
hot, comforting food.

Remember the Unique Touches

One of the biggest worries for Christmas
brides is that their wedding may be over-taken by festive clichés and as such,
the big day will fail to reflect their personality and their relationship.

However, there’s still plenty of ways you
can put your own unique touch on a festive wedding. Whether that means
eschewing the turkey dinner for something else, or insisting that Mariah Carey
is definitely not on the DJ’s playlist, don’t become preoccupied with what
other people may be expecting.

What’s more, you may even be able to add
personal twists centred around your own Christmas traditions. Do you and your
partner have any unconventional Christmas customs? Maybe you eat take-out on
Christmas Eve or spend Boxing Day watching old cartoons? Work these into the
reception and the day will feel more genuine and special.

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