The Importance of Infographics for Businesses

We like to use infographics in our business to get the word out about we what do and how we can offer solutions for potential clients.

With so much information available, it may be difficult
giving your customers the info that they need, especially at a glance. However,
thanks to graphic design, businesses can be succinct while still providing a
lot of information to their customers. A great wall of text can be an eyesore,
but an infographic can provide the same amount of information with fewer words.

While articles can be an effective way to share information,
creating effective visuals can be just as informative. An information
design agency in Dubai
says that storytelling with visuals can help
a business deliver an impact if the infographic successfully blends visuals
with texts. Here are some reasons why.
Simplified Communication

Be honest: when you go on Apple’s website and look at the
specs of the latest phone, would you (as a private individual and consumer)
rather look at this page that creatively lists down the
phone’s unique selling features, or would you look at this
which lists down pretty much everything the first page did, but
in a text-heavy way?
Consumers will always want to know why they should buy your
product, but most will decide that it’s not worth the effort to read so many
pages of texts. Infographics take out the bits most people probably won’t care
about and highlight everything you want them to notice.
Avoiding Information Overload

Many studies show that more and more people are skim reading. So, if
you’re trying to prove a point; such as why customers need your business, and
it requires statistics to back it up, you may be fighting a losing battle.
Because no matter how accurate your lengthy article or survey can be, not all
your customers are going to take the time to read it.
Infographics can provide the same amount of information, but
designed to take less time to process. Visually pleasing designs invite
consumers to take the time to read. And because infographics trim the fat off
the data you want them to read, they’re only focused on the key data you want
them to see.
Elevator Pitches at a Glance

Marketers have six seconds to catch the attention of a
potential customer before they lose interest. You can’t do that with an article
or blog post, but you can with an infographic. In business, we have something
that’s known as an elevator pitch, wherein you have up to 30 seconds to sell an
idea. An effective elevator pitch sells an idea before that time is up.
An effective infographic, on the other hand, sells a product
or an idea you want to tell your customers with a single glance. In those few
seconds, you can easily show them what you want them to understand, and why
they may want to have your product or service.
While digital marketing for businesses has always relied on
texts, there are some advantages to using infographics instead. They provide
information at a glance and help your potential customers understand the
message you’re trying to send. Using both methods effectively, you can convince
your readers of the importance of your product or service and why they should
consider doing business with you.
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