DIY Bride!

When creating your perfect wedding day sometimes it hard to find the exact items you have in mind. When picking out flowers, center pieces and accessories you as the bride want to make sure these items match your color scheme or theme. You might be asking yourself how do I go about finding these essential accessories and have them match my color scheme or theme.

Here at You’re The Bride we say why not make these items yourself! Here are some great ideas you can try out on your wedding day for your accessories.

Go to a local craft store and buy RIT dye. This dye will complete dye anything you need! Any abstract color you might have RIT will have the dye for it.

Another great idea if your having a vintage theme or an old Hollywood theme is a brooch bouquet. This is a great idea if you have a broches around your house. You can even find them at antique shops or resale shops. 
If you put your mind to it then you can create anything!
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