How Video Advertising Can Lure Consumers into Your New Business

We believe in video marketing as a way to put our company and brand in the public eye. Click above to watch our promo video.

The most exhausting dilemma of start-up entrepreneurs is
getting their first customers. Your new retail store or laundry service has
zero feedback, making it difficult to convince consumers to avail of your
services or buy your products. If you are opening a new shop, you might need to
hire the
bestproduction company services
to make a marketing video for your
business. Here’s why a video advertisement can work wonders:
1. Video ads are more comfortable and quicker to digest
People are too busy to spend their precious minutes browsing
through lengthy product descriptions or digging the value of services. They
want everything brief and convenient. And even if they have the time, most
people are lazy to read. Video marketing matches consumers’ needs as it only
requires seconds and can target even the laziest audience. Remember that
one-fifth of your audience will click the “skip-video-in-5-seconds button,
so make sure to feature the best content within the initial 5 seconds.
2. Videos encourage shares across social media
Social media users share more than a billion videos every
day. This gives your brand increased viewing rates and amplified retention.
However, viewers do not share all the videos. They only click the share button
when the content has an emotional impact. While emotions do not equate to
higher ROI, social shares will give your brand a wider reach. Advertisements
that look like sales clutter annoy customers, and they skip these videos as
quickly as possible. So even if your main goal is to encourage a sale, do not
center your video around selling. Instead, feature the story of your brand,
highlight the values, and entertain your viewers. Additionally, your thumbnails
should be compelling enough to lure the viewers into discovering your content.
3. Video ads entertain and educate consumers
If you are marketing a new service or product, creating a
video will inform people how it works. It’s a great medium to give a lot of
information in a short period. Animated videos can quickly explain a complicated
concept that will be difficult to explain through text. Learning is
multi-sensory, and a video incorporates visual and audio elements that make it
a powerful educational tool. It will allow you to inform your target customers
about your product and its value quickly while providing them with visual
entertainment. Unlike printed advertising, a video has the power to tell a
story and catches the consumers’ short attention span.
4. Videos cater to your mobile audience
Everything that can only be done through the desktop
computer before is now available on mobile devices. From accessing email,
reading content, and watching videos, internet users can now do these things on
the small screen of their phones or tablets. Cellular changes the way people
engage with brands as more and more internet users prefer to watch videos on
the go. Through video advertising, you are introducing your new business to
around1.2 billion peoplewho use mobile devices to access the internet
With the presence of countless competitors and popular
brands and the busy lifestyle of consumers, people might
not notice your small start-up. Tell your story through a quick, compelling
video that will not only announce the existence of your business but will make
them fall in love with your brand.

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