Weddings: Who pays for what?

Once upon a time, the brides parents were expected to foot the bill of their daughters wedding. however, times have changed. Most couples are left paying for all, or most of their dream day. So lets take a closer look at what traditional wedding etiquette says in regards to who pays for what in case you find yourself coming up short.

The bride and her family usually pay for:

Bride’s Dress and Accessories

Invitations, reception cards and announcements

fee for the ceremony site

Flowers for the ceremony and reception

Bridesmaids bouquets

Music for the ceremony and receptions

Grooms wedding ring and gift

Photography and videography

Bridesmaids gifts


Reception costs (food, liquor, venue, decor)

The groom and his family usually pays for:

Brides wedding rings and gift

Brides bouquet

Marriage license

Officiant fee

Groomsman’s Boutonnieres

Ushers and groomsmen gifts

Rehearsal dinner


The bridesmaids usually pay for:

Their dresses and accessories

A shower gifts

Bridal shower

Bachelorette party

Their travel expenses

A gift for the couple

The groomsmen usually pay for:

Their tuxedos or suits

a Bachelor party

Their travel expenses

A gift for the couple