Aren’t Weddings Just The Cutest!

If you just said no, then you clearly haven’t been to a wedding good enough, or perhaps you’re just the wedding scrooge. Whatever has
led you to say that, we want to try and change your mind. Because for most of you ladies reading this, you’re probably reading it because
you’re either about to go to one, or perhaps you’re even planning your own. If it is that you’re planning your own wedding at the minute,
then you’ve come to the right place. We think we’ve got a few ways that we can make your wedding the absolute cutest, and to hopefully
take some of that wedding stress away that you might be feeling. For all of you who are just attending one today, we think we’ve got some
great tips lined up for you as well. Here’s why we think weddings are just the cutest, and how you can make yours nice and cute as well!

Pick The Cutest Theme

The theme of your wedding is actually going to play a big part in how cute it is. Some people seem to just go for the standard
church wedding in the town, which we think it’s lovely. But, there’s so much more creativity to be sprinkled around, especially
if you go for one of the bigger and more modern churches. They’re so much brighter and bigger inside, and it can often feel like
more of a modern wedding… if that makes sense. But usually, for a theme you would think about the colours you want to use for
your bridesmaids, and to decorate the afterparty with. To make sure all of this fits together nicely, you might benefit from hiring
a wedding planner. They might mean you have to up your budget just a little bit, but it does mean you could have the perfect
wedding theme planned.

It’s All About The After Fun

Yes, it is all about the after fun! This goes out to all of you who aare attending a wedding soon, and those of you who re planning one.
The after party is where everyone can finally relax, especially the bride and groom. But to make it
good, the venue first has to be nice and big. Places like the Bordeaux Convention Center offer a big space to house
more guests than you could possibly imagine. Then, it’s all about making the night fun, and you could even go themed
again. You could go for that white wedding theme, or turn it in to an 80’s night. Whatever you think will keep people
partying for longer, you should do. Games are usually good to play, especially if you turn them into a drinking game.

What About The Honeymoon!?

The honeymoon is definitely going to be the best part for all of you who are planning your wedding at the minute.
Everything else you’ve probably thought about will have been filled with stress, but the honeymoon is the one thing
that you can actually enjoy planning. Pick somewhere where you and your future husband can relax, and enjoy your
first weeks as a married couple.

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