Planning Your Reception Entertainment

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While you are likely to feel like your wedding day goes by like a flash and there is no shortage of things
to do and people to talk to, you want to ensure that all your guests feel the same way. When the reception
arives, making sure that the entertainment is spot on will ensure that people are talking about your big day for years to come.
Of course, most entertainment centres on music, but you may also want to have some quirky extras which
set you apart from the crowd. So, here is a bit of an overview when it comes to planning your wedding reception

DJ Choice

Pretty much every wedding will have a DJ, but no two DJs are the same. And while your good friend may think that he
sins disks with the best of them, this is your big day and it is well worth hiring a professional. You need to ensure
that you properly brief them about the music that you want to be played. And you should also make sure that you are
thinking about your guests as well as yourself. Playing a few popular classics is not going to do any harm whatsoever.

Wedding Band

When you are hiring a wedding band, you can either go for variety or specialism. If you want them to be playing all night,
the former is probably the better choice, whereas if you have a specific type of music that you desperately want to hear,
you may well be better off going with the later. Take a look at Manchester&town=Manchester
for some possible options. Make sure that they know how to play your first dance song, as well as any other special tunes
which you desperately want to hear.

Other Types of Entertainment

The other types of entertainment which you choose to have on your big day really depends on your preferences. To start
off with, your food options could end up being a form of entertainment in themselves if you offer a buffet. Something like
a chocolate fountain gives people a good talking point straight away. There is also the type of entertainment which people
make themselves such as a photo booth complete with different outfits to dress up in. And if there are going to be a
loof kids in attendance at your wedding, it is a good idea to ensure that they are properly entertained. Hiring a magician
could end up proving to be a big hit in this regard. And if you have decided to have a theme wedding, entertainment options
should revolve around this.

The entertainment at your wedding can end up being what tips it over the edge into becoming a fantastic occasion which
people remember for years to come. Sometimes, it is the small details which can end up adding up to a big day.    

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