For You Who Hate Attending Weddings

Image from Pexels
Being a wedding planner and an assistant wedding planner,
it’s hard to imagine how anyone could dislike weddings. However, we understand
that they may not appeal to everyone, and to gain more knowledge on the subject
Tracie asked her Instagram followers why they don’t like attending weddings.
The feedback we received included things like “I don’t like dancing or loud music.” “I don’t
like dressing up.” “There are too many people.” “Weddings are all the same,” “There
are photographers everywhere,”, “I have to buy an expensive gift”, “I don’t want to see a certain relative”, or “I would rather be doing something else!”
Even if you don’t like dressing up or spending money on
nicer clothes it’s not that hard to pull out those slacks you have at the
bottom of your drawer or dress from the back of your closet and put it on for a
couple hours. No one expects you to run to Bergdorf’s or Macy’s for every
wedding you attend. Just like no one is forcing you to dance. If you attend a
wedding and don’t want to dance then by all means enjoy that comfortable chair
right next to the endless supply of breadbaskets. That’s where I prefer to be
too. In regards to the “too many people” remark, I tend to agree with this the
most. However, most of the time there are quiet places at the venue to escape
the noise. Try a bathroom, outdoors area, hallway, closet, or in your car if
you’re really that desperate. And allow yourself some peace and quiet; it’s
never a bad thing.
If you think all weddings are the same it may be because you
only notice the predictable parts. You expect the bride to walk down
with her father, there’s a sermon, sometimes singing, then everyone continues
to cocktail hour while they wait for the bride and groom to finish taking
pictures. There’s the grand entrance, cutting of the cake, speeches, and
finally you can eat. Then the dancing starts, and after a long night of telling
Uncle Bill that you will not dance with him you go home. But there is so much
you’re missing! There are many different cultures that have special traditions
during wedding ceremonies and receptions. Although many of them may have
certain similarities it is almost impossible for all weddings to be the same.
Every bride is unique and has her own style of flowers, colors, decorations,
and clothing. And if you look closely, you can see that all of the little
details were chosen with a purpose to make this one day extremely special.
Yes, photographers may get in your way but they are doing
the bride and groom a service. They were hired and are being paid a lot to
capture everything that happens throughout the day. It may be annoying for you
but think of how awesome those pictures are going to turn out for the bride and
groom. They’ll be able to look back on their day and even see things that they
might have missed.  You would want to
remember everything if you were getting married… so why shouldn’t they.
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