Does a DIY Bride Need Help on The Day of?

If you are a DIY Bride you will especially need extra help on the day of your wedding. Read this article and ask yourself the questions on who will handle all the little things that need to be done. Let us know if you would like our help we are here for you!

Do It Yourself weddings are booming
as brides want to create their own unique wedding items! They plan everything
themselves, make everything, and budget everything. But do you want to be busy
doing all that set up the day-of your wedding? If you are a DIY bride, check
out our list of questions below, they will help you determine if you actually
need or would like a little help on your big day!
Are you prepared to organize and conduct
timelines, deliveries, and deadlines on the day of your wedding?
       2.     What will you do when the
DJ/Caterer/Florist doesn’t show up? Is late? Brings the wrong items?
       3.     Are
you going to direct traffic during the ceremony, buffet, receiving line?
       4.     Do
you have an emergency kit? If you are about to walk down the aisle and someone
tears their          dress? Are you prepared to
do a quick stitch? Remove stains? Iron/steam wrinkled dresses?
       5.     Are
you personally going to make sure that everything goes as planned?
Your big day will be so much more memorable, when you are
actually there to ENJOY it. Countless brides have wished they had at least
hired a Day-Of Coordinator to remove the stresses of their wedding day. Amongst
all of the commotion, you have planned and created for an entire year, some
brides even longer, and you spent the whole day worrying about timelines, rips,
pictures, speeches, food, and music. When you should have been enjoying the
day, because after all it is about you and your true love! A Day-Of Coordinator
can give you the peace of mind you deserve!
Contact the experts at You’re The Bride! We specialize in
Day-of Coordination, and much more! Your day will be stress-free!  If you have any questions feel free to
contact us by phone or email. You will be glad you did!
Tracie Morris, Certified Wedding Planner
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