Top Things To Anticipate When Postponing A Wedding During A Pandemic

A lot of soon-to-be-wed couples were caught off guard when the news about the pandemic came out. After all, no one would have ever thought that something like this can happen months before their big day.It’s a nightmare, especially when you already have everything in place—the venue, catering, photographer, the flowers, and even the songs to be played at the after-party. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but this whole COVID-19 situation may call for the postponement of your wedding.

Well, don’t fret—we’re here to help you through the process. All you need to do is to learn about the things to anticipate when postponing a wedding during the pandemic, so you can find a way around the situation.
Here are the most important ones:

You Have to Send Postponement Letters 

First thing’s first—once you’ve decided to postpone your wedding, you have to inform your guest that you’ll have to change the date of the celebration. They may have already booked makeup artists, transportation, or hotels, especially if you’ve planned for a destination wedding. Send them a postponement letter or notification to give them plenty of time to cancel their reservations. 

You can formally do it through e-mail or the old-fashioned snail mail. You can also post the announcement on your social media page, and tag all your guests. The only disadvantage of the latter is the announcement goes public, so even those who are not invited may know of the updates about your wedding.

We know it’s hard to come up with something to say, which is why you can get wedding postponement letter templates on the internet to make everything easier. Don’t worry, we’re sure your guests will be most accepting of the changes since they themselves feel and understand the effect of this pandemic. 

It’s Unlikely You Can Get a Full Refund

The million-dollar question people have been asking since the onset of COVID-19: “Can we get a refund in case
we cancel bookings and some of our orders, particularly perishables like food and flowers?” 

The answer is, it depends since every vendor has different terms. Most of them have a non-refundable clause in
their contract since part of your deposit goes to their suppliers as down payment, so they can’t give you a full refund.
But, even if they don’t have these specifics in the document, don’t expect that you can take all of your money back
because after all, these businesses are also suffering from the pandemic and you’ll never know which ones have
already failed. 

The best course of action is to rebook your orders if the business has no plans of closing down. You’re still pushing
through the wedding anyway, just not as planned. That way, you won’t be having problems settling financial matters
with them. Contact your wedding coordinator to help you find an agreeable date where all your vendors will be available.  

Coming Up with a New Wedding Date Isn’t Easy

Speaking of coming up with a new date, it won’t be that easy. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the situation, and as of now, no one can tell us exactly when everything will go back to normal. Finding an agreeable date for everyone, particularly your venue and suppliers, is quite an arduous task. 

So, the key here is to talk to your wedding coordinator as soon as possible, because they have all the means and skills todo the job. They’ve been working with their teams ’round the clock to reschedule weddings since the news about the pandemic broke out. So, you can count on them to do these transactions smoothly.

You should also know that at this time, the availability of slots for venue and vendor reservations for 2020 weekends is already limited. Many couples whose wedding is also postponed are aiming for this schedule. Of course, who doesn’t want to celebrate their big day as soon as possible? So, if you’re hoping to get married in 2020, better look into weekday schedules of late fall and winter. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a destination wedding or plenty of guests, it’s best to move the celebration to next year.

Your big day should be one for the wedding photo albums, so it’s important to take things slow and plan your steps carefully, considering this pandemic. Wait it out, and never make hard and fast decisions. After all, you’re still lucky to be wed after all this. It may be cliché, but just keep a positive mindset and you’ll see that everything will be worth it.
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