Blending Culture

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On May 19th, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marked a monumental moment
in wedding history of blending cultures on the big day. The lovely couple took
this opportunity of coming from different backgrounds to make their day
represent each of them but also update the traditionally stuffy past of royal
English weddings. Most couples wish to represent both cultures on their big day
but may be unsure how to go about doing it.

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Décor is a great way to show both sides
of your culture and heritage. This can be done with small details throughout
the room such as vases or candles, the types of flowers used in your reception
space, or even your wedding colors. Traditional culture prints may also be
available for your napkins or place cards.
Food is personally my favorite part of
any event. By offering different food stages that each have different
traditional cuisine, it gives a more personal feel and helps your guest see the
type of food you were familiar with when growing up. Another spin on this would
be to make your signature cocktails a traditional cocktail that aligns with
your heritage. 

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Ceremonial details may be brought in
from both sides. One side may have a traditional dance done at weddings or
celebrations to show their excitement. Another may have traditional outfits
instead of the well-known white gown and suit. A couple may switch into these
different outfits for their wedding photos or reception. Research your
significant others culture to see what you feel comfortable with incorporating into
your wedding.   
Music can be a very emotionally moving element. Traditional
music from different cultures may be played while the bride is walking down the
aisle or in the reception space. Music has a way of making us feel immersed in
its message and may help your guests better connect to these different
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