Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

You know the saying, a girl can dream right? For some of our dreams, however, they can be seen in real life on the silver screen or TV.  It’s always fun to fantasize and see how it would be for a celebrity.  Overall, the real wow factor is most definitely in the ring so here are some fun facts about celebrity engagement rings:

  • “The One Million Dollar Club” Jay-Z & Beyonce Knowles top the list at 5 million dollars for the “Single Ladies” singer ring and rounding out the bottom is the former Disney Channel Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie with 1 million dollars
  • The average cost for a celebrity wedding ring is $150,000 and 6.95 carats while the average for a non-celebrity is $5,200 and 1 carat.
  • One of the most unusual proposals was when Nick Cannon hid Mariah Carey’s pink diamond engagement ring in a Ring Pop!

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