Let There Be Light!

Lighting, at a wedding in particular, can truly transform your wedding.  Even the drabbest of venues can be dressed up so much by lighting alone.  Even though it seems like a small feature in a wedding, there a hundreds of options, sources, and collections of lighting throughout the industry.  Here are some general tips in what to do when looking into lighting for your wedding:

  • Find a professional – look into a credible lighting designer in you area.  Take a look at their work and make sure it is the appearance you want to see at your wedding.  If you are looking for a more affordable options, see if your florist does it as well with their services.
  • Assess your location – does your site even need lighting? You may need more or less than you think as well.
  • Use color – the point of lighting is to create a different look than you already have with traditional lighting. This can be accomplished best with the use of different colors to really recreate the look of your venue.

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Photo credit: www.luminousld.com