Something Other Then The Unity Candle

Weddings have so many traditions a bride feels they should up hold. The father walking the bride down the aisle, seeing the groom before the wedding and lighting the unity candle during the ceremony. All of these are traditions people don’t want to break in a wedding but here at You’re The Bride we say why not! Every day people are creating new ideas of fun things they can have at their wedding. New twists on older ideas.

Instead of lighting a candle you could pour sand in a glass picture frame. You could put one of your engagement photo’s and have something engraved onto the frame. Have your favorite color and your soon to be husbands favorite color and poor them together into the frame. This is another great idea for couples who are remarrying and have children from previous marriages. Have each person take a color and one at a time poor them into the frame.

Another great idea is to plant a tree during the ceremony. You could set some dirt aside, water and have some shovels. Your guests can watch you and your husband plant a tree together. Later you and your husband can plant the tree at your home together. This is a great reminder of your wedding day that you can see every day.

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