What To Do When You Need To Cut The Wedding Budget Quick

It’s an unfortunate reality that countless couples have to face every year. You have the wedding budget prepared but life gets in the way with unexpected costs or other financial snafus seeing all those plans get nixed. If your budget is suddenly downsized, how do you make sure you can effectively cut the costs of the wedding? Here are a few strategies.

Do digital invitations
It might sound like a small deal, but professionally printed wedding invitations are more expensive than you think. If most of your guests are digitally savvy, then send them virtual invitations instead. You might want to print out a handful, for those closest family members who might like to keep them as mementos or older relatives who might not be as likely to see an email, however.

The easiest way to cut the costs of a wedding is to change your mind on how many people you’re going to invite. From the venue to the catering to the settings and the alcohol, all of your costs are going to go down. You don’t need a big wedding to have a fantastic time. A smaller group of people who you genuinely care for in a more intimate setting can be a lot more meaningful than being surrounded by people you rarely think about.

Choose a buffet instead
The idea of having lovely sit down dinner for everyone might be enticing, but there are big advantages of having a buffet, too. For one, everyone can choose which foods they like, meaning fewer complaints. Secondly, buffets are great for keeping a party atmosphere, especially thanks to all the mingling likely to happen in the lines. Having meals prepared and plated by a catering team is going to be significantly more expensive.

Don’t go globetrotting after
Every couple deserves a fantastic honeymoon. However, the truth is that you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to have it. There are plenty of great cheap honeymoon ideas, including some much closer destinations that still meet your tropical needs, as well as romantic city breaks. What’s most important is that you have the time to enjoy the destination together, rather than how much you spend on it.

DIY your favors
Wedding favors are a lovely way to make your guests feel welcomed and to give them something to remind them of the day. However, they’re not necessary by any means. In fact, let’s be honest, most of us can’t find the favors we received from most weddings we’ve been to. If you do want favors, you can find plenty that you can make yourself. It costs time rather than money, but it’s also a bit more special for the occasion.

Wedding budget issues happen all the time, so don’t feel embarrassed or worry if you have to change your plans due to money issues. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your big day is going to feel any less big. It’s just going to be less expensive.

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