One color, four different looks.

Forest green is a beautiful go-to color for an earth inspired wedding. It’s nature’s natural that is found all year round and also goes great for a wedding. If you love the look, here are four different pairings that are beautifully unique.

1) Forest and Cream

The light cream gives the deep green a breath of fresh air. This duo is sophisticated enough to go great in a sunny day wedding or a modern lounge.

2) Forest and Peach

These hues are perfect to amp up a retro feeling wedding but are elegant enough to off-set the traditionally ‘preppy’ green and pink.

3) Forest and Wine

These jewel tones complement each other to make them perfect for a luxurious feeling wedding. They will look perfect for a library inspired wedding.

4) Forest and Navy

These rich colors are great for an evening wedding. These colors mimic the view of earth from space, which would be no accident in a reception held at a museum.