5 Secrets to Planning a Perfect Wedding

1.            Create
a “Wants” and “Needs” List- this helps to distinguish what you need to have on
your wedding day and what you would like to have. The needs are essential to
making the day go smoothly. This way it is easier for you to budget your
2.            Make
Things Legal- make sure to have all of your vendors sign a contract, this will
make sure you are getting everything you paid for if something goes wrong. Also
make sure to have all legal documentation for the wedding and honeymoon taken
care of before the day of the wedding.
3.            Know
Your Exact Budget- budget is a huge and almost the main concern of any wedding.
Even if your budget is large still try to cap it off at a certain point. This
will help to keep vendors from overcharging you and keep you from overspending
on items you may not need or really want. It also helps to do this almost
immediately, before shopping for vendors or a dress because it keeps you from
falling in love with something you can’t afford.
4.            Make
Time to Plan- planning a wedding today is a huge undertaking, so make sure to
give yourself ample time to plan. Cramming an entire years’ worth of planning
into 2-3 months can be exhausting. This can also limit many things like venues,
vendors, and even the dress selection! Not only is it limiting to you but it
can take a really large physical and emotional toll on you. So make sure to
plan accordingly!
5.            Hire a
Professional- if you are planning a large wedding a professional wedding
consultant is a huge help. They are well educated in the wedding industry and
can help to relieve many of the stresses that come with planning a wedding.
Plus they usually have tips you would never have thought of and usually help to
save you money in the long run.

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