The Ultimate Guide To Groomsmen Gifting Etiquette

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A wedding is a blessed and happy occasion, but it can also be a very stressful time in a couple’s life. Being up to speed on wedding etiquette is necessary to avoid committing social faux pas that can cause anxiety, frustration, and even hurt feelings among your friends and family.

Among the newest wedding traditions is giving out thank-you gifts to the wedding party. If you are not sure how to go about giving gifts to your groomsmen, here is a handy-dandy guide for you:

Why Do I Need To Give Gifts?

You want to make sure that the people you choose to surround yourself with know how special their presence is in making your big day possible. Bridesmaids and groomsmen have unique roles that involve a lot of little details behind the scenes. You will want to thank your groomsmen with gifts that make them feel valued.

When Do I Buy?

Do yourself a favor as you embark on this wedding planning process — do not leave little details such as this until the last minute. Begin looking far in advance for items that are on sale. Think about what would be meaningful to each of your groomsmen, and purchase ahead of time so you can cross this item off your list. You will save yourself an awkward wedding etiquette moment of forgetting traditional gift giving by planning these presentations in advance.

How Much Do I Need To Spend?

You can put some careful thought into the gifts that you choose for your groomsmen, but make sure that those gifts stay within your budget. You don’t need to add to pre wedding stress by going over budget on items that can actually be taken care of quite simply. Look online for clever and sentimental gift giving ideas that won’t break the bank. The average cost of groomsmen gifts nowadays ranges from $20-$50, depending on the item.

When Is It Appropriate To Exchange These Gifts?

Choosing a time to present your gifts that means something to you and to them. Some couples prefer to exchange their gifts with wedding party members at a family celebration or grooms dinner before the wedding. Others prefer a more private setting to present gifts individually. Whatever you choose, it is sure to be a memorable occasion for you and for your wedding party.

What Do I Give?

Choosing gifts with practical uses and a little bit of sentimental value add meaning to your special day. Having items such as wallets or travel bags embossed with a school logo or each person’s initials personalize the gift giving experience. Of course, choosing updated versions of homemade gifts are always welcome too, such as an adult version of a friendship bracelet or keychain.

Whatever the gift, whatever your circumstance, there is a wealth of information out there to ensure that you follow proper gift giving etiquette while creating a unique experience for your friends and family. Let the celebration begin!

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