Beyond David’s Bridal: Luxury Wedding Dresses on Budget at Home


By: Alyssa Menosky

Just as the post-engagement excitement begins to wear down and you’ve made your rounds, sharing the news to all your family and friends…one thought (among many) will surely creep into your mind. Where will you find the ONE? We’re talking that Say Yes to the Dress moment. Cue the twirls and pop the bubbly!

But before that long awaited moment, and after many, many hours combing the internet for inspiration…some brides are faced with a dilemma. With limited bridal shop options nearby and not wanting to compromise a member of the bride squad missing out if you choose to travel…where can you find your dream wedding dress that isn’t a David’s Bridal? If you’re a Detroit Bride, you understand this struggle all too well.

Looking Beyond Detroit’s David’s Bridals

bride in luxury wedding dress

There are currently 298 David’s Bridal shops in the US. That’s an impressive feat when you consider the sheer number of brides walking in and out of those doors every day. And while they have plenty of styles at a variety of price points, the David’s Bridal experience is definitely not for every bride. Especially a bride who is not willing to compromise on the quality of her dress fabrics and details. And the Bride that wants something totally unique at her budget, without having to travel.

Try-at-home bridal brands like Grace + Ivory, offer a new kind of bridal experience. Founded by a once frustrated bride, Grace + Ivory aims to be your something new. Especially for the Detroit brides without many nearby options…settling is not in your vocabulary.

With their flagship Try-At-Home program you choose the dresses you want to see when you want to see them. This way you plan out exactly when and with who. Especially for the bridesmaid that needs an itinerary…and the one that’s always late.

How is Try-At-Home Bridal Different?

Traveling times, pushy salespeople, time limits, and noisy shoppers are a few things I think we all can agree to leave in the past. We know bridal sales associates work hard for their commission, but you don’t want to feel like a potential sale when searching for your wedding dress. You want to feel like a bride-to- be and enjoy one of the best parts about planning your wedding without the stress or pressure.

Stepping into a bridal shop like David’s Bridal can be overwhelming for some. Associates buzzing around with armfuls of dresses, the tears, the disagreements, and someone’s grandma asking for the dress you just had on…really, it happens. Sometimes traditions are meant to be re-written.

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If you chose to go with a Try-At-Home service, like Grace + Ivory, your wedding gowns will arrive to Detroit (or wherever you are!), packed with care in their reusable shipping boxes. Although they are a made-to-measure bridal brand, you’ll choose a traditional size range that’ll best help you envision how the dress will look once it’s made to you. Clips will be included in the box for you to clip or adjust the parts that don’t quite work. If you’re anxious about doing it all on your own and your bridesmaids are away, you can schedule a video call with one of their consultants. The best part, you don’t have to take it off! At least not until it’s time to send her back.

Is Try-at-Home Bridal Right for Me?

Deciding which traditions to keep and which to leave in the past is a big part about planning your wedding. Many brides are opting to ditch the wedding favors, swap the once-standard head table for a cozy sweetheart table, and even include their furry friends in the ceremony.

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If you’re still on the fence about finding your wedding dress via a Try-At-Home brand and considering the trek to a Detroit David’s Bridal, I recommend combing through the Grace + Ivory collection to see if a gown catches your eye. Because they’re direct to consumer, they’re able to offer you a high- quality dress at a fraction of the cost of traditional bridal shops. Luxurious crepe, 100% silk skirts, and hand-placed lace are just a few of the gorgeous details we peeked combing through their collection. And like many things when planning a wedding, the details make all the difference.

Boho bride? Madison (left) is all-over lace with the train of your dreams!

Your Dream Wedding Dress on Your Doorstep

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Where you live shouldn’t limit your options…not when it comes to a purchase as monumental as your wedding dress. There will be hundreds of pictures to last a lifetime!

If you find a dress through Grace + Ivory’s Try-At-Home program but want to change one thing…or a couple, they can walk you through the process. And we love their all-inclusive pricing.

You can walk down the aisle in something completely unique, made-for-you, without throwing the budget out the window. Or settling for a wedding dress that wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Your wedding dress should be found on your own terms, you are the bride after all.

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