Title: 5 Ways To Have A Greener Wedding Day

The environment is taking center stage at the moment with more and more people looking for greener alternatives. Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most memorable days of your life, but it’s also one day that can have a huge environmental impact. If you’re trying to be more conscious about the ways your actions can impact the planet and have a big day to plan, then here are five ways that you can make your wedding that little bit greener. 

  1. The rings
    Irresponsible mining and the trafficking of child miners in parts of the world strife with civil conflict all taint many diamond rings. So start your greener wedding with a greener engagement by exploring grown diamonds with a ring concierge. Grown diamonds require the use of 7 times less water, produce a negligible amount of air pollution and are made by people who work under safe working conditions meaning that you can wear them with pride without contributing to human suffering.
  2. Your venue
    The greenest way to get married is outside amongst nature. Let the sun both light and warm your venue and allow mother nature to be your decoration. From a tree-lined hilltop to a botanical garden, an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer season can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. With a few compostable toilets, candles, and solar lighting to light the way as the sun goes down, you can live a fairytale fantasy on your wedding day with just a few bits of DIY.
  3. Your wedding favors
    Your wedding favors are a great way to pay kindness forward and to encourage your guests to do their little bit to make the world a greener place. Why not offer each guest a potted sapling which they can then plant at home as a reminder of your special day, or distribute wildflower seeds for them to sow, which will bloom and provide a feast for bees and other wildlife. Alternatively, display a sign to tell your guests that you have made a donation to charity in lieu of providing wedding favors and give your guest the option to match your donation.
  4. Your catering
    Seasonal plant-based eating is the best way to lower the environmental impact of your wedding buffet, but if you still want meat to be on the menu then try to ask your caterer to source as much of if it from local, free-range suppliers as possible. There are always leftovers at the end of a meal so offer your guests takeaway containers to reduce the amount of food you waste or consider asking guests to order their dishes ahead so that you know how much of each to cook.
  5. Your dress
    The best way to save money on your wedding dress and do a little bit for the environment is to wear a pre-loved item. Take a look in vintage boutiques or on websites where you can buy or rent pre-loved gowns and consider letting your bridesmaids dress in their own garments too. If you really want a new dress on your wedding day then there are now several wedding dress designers committed to using ethically sourced fabrics. 

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