How To: Custom Wire Hangers

We have quite a few blogs here at You’re The Bride that talk about the beautiful custom hangers you can buy off etsy for you or your bridesmaids, the only problem is they can get a little pricey, below is a tutorial on how to make these beautiful hangers for a fraction of the price that you would see them off Etsy. 

What you’ll need: 

Wooden hanger 
-Wire cutters
-Anything else you want to decorate with

Step 1: 
Shape the letters with the pliers, making sure to leave enough pace to attach it to the hanger. Use the hanger as a sizing guide for your letter so they will all fit. 

Step 2: 
Figure out where you want your name to be attached to the hanger and mark it with the marker. Clip extra wire off as needed to make the wire fit where you want. 

Step 3: 
Drill a hole where your markings are making sure to not drill all the way through the hanger, make sure to use a small drill bit so you don’t make the hole too large!

Step 4: 

Add glue to the end of the wire and a little bit in the hole and insert the wire, the glue will insure that the wire stays securely in the hole. Wipe off any excess glue and let dry overnight 

Step 5: 
Decorate the rest of the hanger any way you want, and VOILA, you’re done! You now have a beautiful custom hanger you made all by yourself for way cheaper than anything on Etsy. 

Congratulations on your engagement and happy crafting!

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