Marital Sweet Designs

A wedding cake can be one of the trickiest parts of a wedding. A bride has the option between a cake or cup cakes. If she wants a cake then she has to decide square or circle. Then the color of the cake, the cake topper and the design. 

Most brides do the traditional flowers, bride and groom cake topper, ribbon, diamonds and pearls. Here at You’re The Bride we believe you can do an assortment of designs on your cake! 

Doilies are one of those objects that can be a hit or miss. When they are by themselves they are sometimes called “old” or “tacky”. But when placed on a cake they can be a show stopper! If you are having a vintage themed wedding this is a great way to compliment the theme. If you are having an Indian wedding this design can make your cake look like there is henna on it. 

Animal print is a very popular style! So why not having an animal print wedding cake. The best part of animal print is you can mix and match. If you love both cheeta and zebra they both compliment each other like in the picture below. 
Ribbon is a very common style on wedding cakes. Normally you will see the ribbon wrapped around the sides of the cake. A bride can place the ribbon on top of the cake and have the ribbon cascading down, a unique twist on a common design. Plus this look can take place of a cake topper. In addition you can add flowers on top to make the cake more eye catching. 

Lastly, some other ideas for a bride could be to put insects on the cake. For example dragonflies or butterflies. If they tie into your theme this could be a really great idea! As well as animals!

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