Tips for the Perfect Destination Wedding



Planning the perfect wedding can be time-consuming and overwhelming. From the flowers to the cake and every
tiny detail in between, planning for one of the most special days in a couple’s lives can become a huge production.
One of the most recent trends in wedding planning is creating an idyllic destination wedding. This concept, while exciting,
can be a lot to take on. It should be done efficiently and with proper planning. Here are a few tips for creating the destination
wedding of your dreams.


The most important aspect of any destination wedding is, of course, the destination itself. While many may lean towards tropical
locations such as Jamaica or Aruba, more unique locations can make for a memorable trip for you and your guests. Start by
contacting industry experts to help you transform your celebration into a full experience. Exotic locations like Africa, Asia,
Oceania, and Europe can provide you, your bridal party, and your guests with the opportunity to explore parts of the world they
may not have seen otherwise.


Should you decide to bring family and friends along for an extended trip before the big day, set plans for accommodations as far
in advance as possible. Of course, this step is also important for those who are simply attending the day of the ceremony.
You want to be sure that for those exploring the area, there’s a comfortable place to regroup so that everyone is looking and
feeling their best for the main event.
No matter where you choose to roam for your destination wedding, various accommodations from hostels to hotels to a
bed & breakfast are available for you and your guests. Many bridal parties decide to rent entire homes for the days leading
up to the wedding in order to spend as much time together as possible, soaking up the experience that their travel provides.


Everyone wants the perfect photos to capture the highlights of their wedding day. Before your trip, find a photographer in the
location of your choosing who specializes in special events. Many travel sites will be able to recommend someone to you,
so be sure to ask.
If you decide that you want a more old-fashioned set of photographic memories, consider providing your guests and travel companions with
disposable cameras to document their individual highlights. When you’ve all unpacked back home, plan a day to meet up and share your
unique photos and memories as opposed to emailing or texting photos from your phones. This way you have something to look forward to
after your trip has ended, extending the fun and excitement of your wedding just a little while longer.


The best part of any destination wedding is exploring the beauty of the world around you. Finding scenic tours, group excursions, and local
hotspots to explore with your future spouse and the people you love is the perfect addition to the memories of your special day.
An exciting adventure taking ice cave tours in Iceland followed by hot spring baths in their many geothermal pools could be just the thing to
energize and pamper your bridal party. Perhaps you’d rather take a romantic hike with your future spouse through the many ice caverns and
mountain regions in the area with an afternoon snorkel through the Silfra rift.
If you’re looking for an even more unique location for your destination wedding, why not explore the underrated beauty of Madagascar in the
Indian Ocean? Walk through waterfalls, meet exotic animals, or take a boat tour through the crystal-blue waters.
A location growing more popular in the world of getaways is the Maldives. With its breathtaking white sand beaches and clear aqua-colored
waters, you’re sure to relax and unwind as you walk across the glass floors of your private bungalow. Looking to bring along your bridal party?
Book a group of huts and plan your adventures. The Maldives are most known for scuba-diving, parasailing, hiking, and a variety of other
fun-in-the-sun activities.


Whatever your choice of location may be, planning these tours and activities with a group in advance will ensure that each day of your trip is
filled with potential memory-making outings. When all is said and done, your wedding day will become more than just a day, but a trip to
remember for a lifetime.

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