Volunteering on Your Honeymoon

Many couples are now looking for a unique way of spending their first weeks as a married couple. A recent trend has been volunteering (now also referred to as voluntouring or honeyteering due to the increase of popularity) instead of the normal beachside resorts. There are many different types of volunteering holidays available, all the way from having luxury accommodations and working during the day to living alongside the people you help. Either way the experience brings you closer the people and the culture around you.

Couples that volunteer on their honeymoon often find themselves closer as well. It is not surprising considering all the work they do together, because no illusions about it, it is work. While hard work may not be what many people are looking for on a honeymoon, those who do, find it to be very enriching spiritually, emotionally and culturally. Many couples also develop a desire to continue volunteering together after their experience because it touches them and the people they help so deeply. By helping make a change in another’s life you will make one in your own.


Images Courtesty of Bing.com