Newlywed Decorating

As a newlywed you will need to prepare for your new home together. Decorating can be a daunting task from combining items from what you each owned before making your new home together. Your first home may not be large as they are generally a starter home so you may need to get creative with placing your items in a smaller space. 

Making it look cozy is still important and this 2-in-1 Wooden Floor Lamp and Shelves will do the trick. It is a tall freestanding lamp with a soft glow that will complement contemporary living spaces. It has 3 shelves to add photos, candles or other special touches for your first home.

You may find it fits your decor better in a home office, bedroom office or your entry way. We think it’s a great addition to any home. You can learn more about lamps like this from our friends at Brighttech

is a lighting company that’s based in Los Angeles. They carry everything from
, string
, table
, to even magnifier
. Brightech
believes that everyone deserves to have their dream home design and they strive
to make high-end design lamps available to everyone at affordable prices. 
Photo Credit: Brighttech

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