How to buy the ring

For all of you men out there who are trying to find the perfect ring, or if you want to give your man a little nudge, send this ring buying guide their way this will break down some of the thing your need to know when buying the perfect ring.

The most important thing to do when buying a ring is to find a great jeweler, one way to do this is by asking family and friends who are recently engaged where they went and how their experience was.

Next you need to set a budget so you don’t spend too much, it is suggested that men spend 2-3 months salary on a ring.

Third is knowing the lingo, the C’s. While many people think there are only 4 C’s when picking an engagement ring, there are really 5. They are Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut and Cost.

Carat: This is the weight of the diamond not the size.

Color: This is self explanatory, the color of the diamond is rated on a scale starting with D as colorless.

Clarity: This is how few or many imperfections are in the diamond. Better clarity means the diamond will “sparkle more” meaning it reflects more light. This is also rating on a specific scale seen below.

Cut: This is the shape of the diamond, how its cut impacts the way the light will reflect off the diamond.

Cost: This is the most important of the C’s because this will determine what type of carat and clarity you can afford.

Lastly: Remember the person who will be receiving the ring, she will be wearing it forever and it is important to consider her tastes not just your own or the tastes of the people you take with you.

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